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"Who's a helpless Victim? Yeah, I think Marlene could totally beat Skipper.
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This chapter's a little bloody. Just warning wewe if wewe don't like that kind of thing.

“Who’s there?” Skipper yelled, trying to climb out of the hole.
Hans grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. Skipper twisted away from his grasp. “Who’s there?” he yelled again.
A man with almost silvery hair and light brown eyes burst out of the brush.
“Julien?” Skipper asked. “What are wewe doing here?”
“That guy with the blue thingy on his eye is mad at me for being a super-spy!” Julien exclaimed. He pointed behind him. “And now somebody is chasing me!”
At that moment, a woman carrying...
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 The Lemurs take Private and go outside the Zoo, in the Park...
The Lemurs take Private and go outside the Zoo, in the Park...
Next, they take him to the Zoovenier Shop…

Maurice: "This was your favourite place, Private!"
Julien: "Anything familiar here?"
Private: "Look, I know wewe guys are trying to help, but…"
Julien: "But nothing! We’re helping wewe restore your memory, one way au another, so I can prove to Skipper that I am not always a Disaster!"
Private: "What are those things?"

Julien turns behind and looks at the dolls…

Julien: "Oh, these? These are my Julien-ified dolls! And those are yours!" [Points to the Private dolls]
Private: "Are those me?"
Julien: "Well, duh!"
Private: "Hmmm… I better go now. See you!"...
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Alright, so I have a "Broken-mind" as some may call it. My Corpus Callosum was many years ago, and I've disregarded the signs to this point. But now I fear I may still be inaonyesha signs of a split-brain. This clipboard is a sign of it. My keeping a clipboard for personal thoughts is somewhat mgawanyiko, baidisha for my working clipboard. The other is a record of scientific thought, and my mathematical skills. But science often interferes with my personal thought, that which is yet to be explained.

Corpus Callosum, a treatment for "Split-brain". I have to record this, to remind...
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The version in Spanish of "When the Chips are Down"
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