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Penguins of Madagascar
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Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 1: "Operation: No zaidi Foolish Risks"

It was a typical morning at the Central Park Zoo. The birds in the air were singing; their flightless cousins below were smiling and waving. Julien was kicking Mort off his feet; Alice had her feet on her desk. Mason and Phil were playing chess. Leonard was asleep. Marlene was out of her habitat and running toward the Zoovenir shop.

"Well, that's unusual," Private alisema as he saw Marlene bata behind a garbage can. She was about three-quarters of the way between her habitat and the Zoovenir duka entrance.

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“Tuckered Out”
November 1, 2014

Marlene yawned. “Thanks for taking me to that Enrique Guitaro concert, guys,” she alisema to the penguins as they drove her home. “It went a lot better than last time. And going backstage? That was”—she yawned again as if she hadn’t slept in days—“really awesome,” she finished.

Skipper chuckled from his place to the right of her. “I don’t think staying up all the way to one in the morning is a good idea for you.”

Marlene shook her head. “No, no, I’m awake.” She fought off another yawn and rubbed her eyes. “Tack as a sharp.”

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June 23, 2014

    After a long siku of training, dealing with Julien, and protecting the zoo, Skipper busied himself on a top-secret solo mission. . . .

    “You think you’re smooth, Hans, but you’re not as smooth as me. Especially not like . . . this!” Skipper alisema to the mirror as he held the fake mustache to his beak. He straightened his cowboy hat and shined his sheriff badge. “Now, that’s what I call a rugged Belvidere if I do say so myself.”

    Skipper turned at different angles to the mirror as he admired...
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Waiting 01.02.16

Note: Happy New Year, everyone! My resolution is to try and find zaidi time to write and get things published. We’ll see how that works out for me. And, to kick off this new year, here’s a Skilene ficlet for your entertainment. Enjoy!

— § —

“Hey, Skipper,” Marlene said, walking up to the penguin, auk leader with a smile. “Are wewe excited? We only have a couple zaidi hours!”

“Copy that, Marlene,” Skipper replied. “It feels like 2012 just flew right by. No pun intended.”

Marlene smiled. “I agree. It seems to feel that way every New Year’s,” she noted.

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Here's a quick, funny story I wrote. From now on, if anyone was kusoma my 'A Hero's Tale' fanfic, it's on my FanFiction account.

The door of the HQ burst open, scattering Kowalski and Skipper's chess game on the floor.

"Hello, slap happy penguins!" Julien shouted, who was at the doorway. "Who wants to have fun on Sunday Eve!"

"For one thing, it's called 'Saturday night'," Skipper commented, as he picked up a pawn off of the floor.

"And secondly, no." Kowalski finished his leader's sentence.

Rico set his doll down (he was brushing her hair) and glared at Julien. Private seemed kind of happy though,...
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now that's what I call a slap fiesta ;)
Penguins of Madagascar
"Those kids are crazy. I'm not gonna let them back here again." XD That's what he'd say about me, but for different reasons. xD
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