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Source: Madagascar 2
"Bye! Bye!" Private calls, still waving his fins in his mother's flippers.
"Nigel! Come here! Private's okay!" She cheers, and brings him closer. "I upendo you, Private! I'm so sorry!" She whispers.
"I upendo you, too; mummy." Private smiles. That's when Nigel waddles up. Private jumps out of her fins and into his uncle's.
"Uncle Nigel!"
"Private! Hello, lad! My it seems like you've grown!"
"Uncle Nigel,"
"I'm serious." Nigel lovingly rubbed the juu of Private's head. He giggles, and removes Nigel's flipper.
"Private, who was that?" His mom ponders.
"Oh, that's Skippah!" Private points.
"Skippah?" The...
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posted by peacebaby7

Kowalski: *awakens & sees darkness, then waddling over to Rico* "Rico, wake up!"

Rico: "Wha?" *slowly awakens*

Kowalski: "It's night. But we have a problem. There are too many clouds. I can't see any stars."

Rico: "What are we gonna do?"

Kowalski: "I dunno. I can't wait here for the stars to come out...I'm just too hungry."

Rico: "Yeah. Same here. So what do we do then?"

Kowalski: "I suggest we begin walking. Maybe we can find some food."

*Kowalski & Rico waddle till they find a small opening in the ice*

Kowalski: "Here! Maybe we can find some fish. But stay close to the surface where...
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posted by 27Kowalski
I don't know if wewe can call this a "Blooper," but whatever. I wrote this 'cause I was inspired kwa peacebaby7's "Penguins Bloopers" articles. So yeah, enjoy!

Director: Okay, for the inayofuata scene... Um... Oh yeah, right. Skipper, Marlene, wewe have to kiss each others.

Skipper and Marlene: WHAT?!

Director: wewe heard me. Now do it.

Skipper and Marlene: Ah, fine... *kiss*

(Skipper and Marlene's REAL thoughts: YEAH! FINALLY!)

Kowalski: *laughs out loud* I can't believe they're actually doing that!

Director: Oh, CUT!

Marlene and Skipper: *stop kissing each others and look at Kowalski in anger*

Director: Kowalski!...
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"maybe because we're tied?" Silvia pointed sarcastically, she had a better humor than yesterday

"why, WHY!" Savio shouted, sad

both needed to do their average things- with the other one inayofuata to them! brush their teeth, eat, even go to the bathroom (dont ask how)

"hmm..." Skipper let out, he used his binoculars to see the both, they hadn't fought in the whole morning, but none had talked to the other, he was hid in the chamilion habitat, kowalski, rico, private, and marlene were there too, marlene, she had sneaked

"kowalski analysis!" Skipper shouted

"If they keep this tipe of comportation, they...
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An unknown place, 2359.

"Honestly, when will we be able to act?", a mysterious female voice said. "Never! We are the worst parts of all living beings!"
" dumb wewe are!" A male voice said. "Alter-egos are the most powerful beings in the universe! I, as your leader, I have risked so much for all of us."
"Okay...I will pretend I believe in you. But...when we will act?"
"Heheh...exactly now."

Central Park Zoo, Penguins Habitat, 0000.

"Ugh...Blowhole...what doing...", Skipper was having a nightmare. He was feeling that the nightmare was so real..."No!", Skipper cried.

He thought...
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posted by Kowalski1321
This is my first shabiki fiction ever! So it might be good au it might be bad.

Kowalski: Okay people, everyone out!

Skipper: Whoa, Kowalski. Before wewe can start kicking people out their house's wewe have to have reason.

Kowalski: Actually, it's a good thing wewe asked because I'm going to start working on a highly radio-active experimant.

Skipper: That's a good reason. But wait; what about Private, he's still inside.

Kowalski: Don't wewe remember. Private stayed up all last night watching a Lunicorn marathon. So he'll probably just be asleep through the whole thing.

Skipper: Well that makes sense. Rico,...
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Me:hagrid mayfol call me and hermimeo
Hagrid:*gasp* no he didn't
Harry:what's a mudblood
Hagrid:it's someone wewe who's parents is it a wizard
Me:well I am pure blooded
Me:mom and dad
Hagrid:she right Lilly and James potter were wizards and ce to HogWarts
Ron:well what *throws up a slug*
Hermimeo:my parents aren't wizards
Me:it's alright
At the griffndory house
Me:well what we now is that someone open the chamber
Skipper:the chamber?
Harry:we can go see the chamber in the old girl's bathroom
Me:right but what about moaning myrtle
Ron:right she pretty scarder
Skipper: hello but-
Herminoe:oh don't be a chicken
Me:oh sorry the chamber is where something keeps coming from there we don't know what it is au who open it
posted by Colonelpenguin
Everyone was gone except for two of the penguins.
the others where on a vacation with Kaitlyn's sister Leah which she was very annoying.
So I didn't go but my cell phone ranged a penguin, auk alisema "Do wewe know I'm a dimwit?"
"I'm a dimwit?"i alisema and the penguin, auk alisema "You're sure are!" I hanged up angrily and alisema "it could be Skipper,Lily,or Rico."
Private's phone ranged inayofuata a the penguin, auk alisema "Is you're refrigerator running?" "I don't know," alisema private. "If it is you'd better catch it!" The voice said.
Private alisema angrily "It could be Kowalski,Rico,or Lily" he complained. But as soon as he alisema it Skipper ran in. me and Private gasped like if the winkies were going out of business.
"Don't be alarmed I was here the whole entire time,and sorry if I didn't let one of wewe go instead," He said."But Private all the penguins wewe alisema were wrong,"

posted by ggreen7295
Chapter 1: A depressing end, and an even zaidi depressing beginning




Every living thing lives to strive in life. To experience danger, and upendo and to gain wisdom to pass on to an new generation. In life there are hopes and dreams, adventure and exploring, and danger. But at some point of live there is death, is it of old age? Murder? Suicide?

A boy was fiddling his thumbs as his mother was driving down a kilima toward an intersection, when they both stopped the light was still red. The two was about to visit the boy's grandmother in Boston. Nothing of any significance were wondering...
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the penguins of madagascar
Penguins of Madagascar
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Another clip of Madagascar 3 Sorry, it's in French, but it's still so funny XD
king julien
madagascar 3
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