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The penguins were outside early in the morning, practicing like always. Skipper was shouting out commands when all of the sudden, they get an urge to peek at Marlene’s habitat. When they look over, she looks very sad and bored.

“Skippa, what’s going on with Marlene?” Private asks innocently.

“I have no idea, Private.” Skipper turns to Kowalski. “Kowalski, options!”

“Well, uh…we could go ask her if anything is wrong…?”Kowalski answered, but it sounds zaidi like a swali than an answer.

“Right, let’s go!” With that being alisema the penguins spring into Marlene’s habitat....
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Trouble Lurking 06.16.15

“. . . and the part where Commodore Danger took out that helicopter with a car? Totally awesome!” Skipper alisema pumping his fist in the air.

“Yeah, yeah!” Rico agreed from the driver’s kiti, kiti cha as the penguins made their way back to the zoo in the sewers.

“What do wewe think the ninth movie will be about?” Private asked.

“Whatever it is, I guarantee it’s going to be sick,” Skipper said.

“I did have a problem with that cocky technician, though,” Kowalski commented. “Acting like she knew everything au something. I mean, how annoying is that?”

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S: Can wewe fly it, man? K: There's only one way to find out... *Decides to wait til on the plane to look at the manual* K: No, I... I, er, still can't read... XD
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