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 ....And There Was Yelling...
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Penguins of Madagascar
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This Penguins of Madagascar picha might contain ishara, bango, maandishi, ubao, matini, ubao wa chokaa, cockateel, cockatiel, cockatoo parrot, nymphicus hollandicus, and kasuku cockatoo.

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All right boys, stand kwa for eggnog!

this guy can really hold his nog!

Hold that elevator! (Bonus points if wewe say it in Skipper voice)

What goes down, must come up.

Shitake mushrooms! No zaidi Mister Cute and Cuddly.

Holy butterballs!

You didn't see anything... Right?

you! higher mammal. CAN wewe READ?

problemo solved!

This is wewe captain speaking, i've got good news and bad news, the good news is.. we'll be landing immediatly, the bad news, we are crash-landing!

i alisema KISS IT!

NO! six-two-nine years!

I would like to kiss wewe monkey man!

This madness ends now!

Cheese and Crackers!

Hot Fudge!

Smoke Salmon!...
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What's up fellow Fanguins?!

I found this on Google and thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it with you.

The rules are simple all wewe have to do is watch Penguins of Madagascar ( it doesn't have to be every episode) with the desired drink of your choice. Weather it be machungwa, chungwa juice, apple juice, Tea, Pepsi it really doesn't matter.

Enjoy and have fun.


. whenever one of Kowalski's inventions goes horribly wrong

. every time Julien says Booty

. Whenever Skipper's Paranoia kicks in

. Every time Rico says Kaboom au references explosives

. Every time Julien messes something up

. Every...
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Just saw this and found it really cool
Penguins of Madagascar
Mother Nature 05.12.15

Note: This installment is Rated T for intensity and one mild curse word.

— § —

“Skipper, wewe think we should start heading home?” Private asked. “Those clouds look awfully nasty,” he observed looking up at the sky.

Skipper glanced out the window. Massive dark clouds rolled across the sky as thunder sounded in the distance. “I agree. Let’s leave a tip and go.”

The two grabbed the bag of snacks to take back to HQ, where the team planned on watching a game. After leaving a twenty kwa the register, they went out to the car, tossed the goods in the backseat and...
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Mischief Managed 05.06.15

Note: This is kind of Skilene, depending on how wewe look at it. Was it a legit joke au a test? wewe be the judge.

— § —

Skipper approached Marlene’s habitat with a grin. Kowalski had pulled this one over on him just a short while ago, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on Marlene’s face when he tricked her too.

“Knock, knock,” he called as he entered Marlene’s cave.

“Hey, Skipper,” Marlene called back. “You never knock,” she observed. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, nothing,” Skipper replied. “I just wanted to ask wewe something.”

Marlene arched...
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This is . . . I can't think of a better word than hilarious.
They all gasped as their minds finally grasped who the creature in front of their sub was. Leroy thought his moyo was going to explode as he stared into the eyes of the shark. He was finding it increasingly hard to breathe, and the interior seemed to be growing smaller kwa the minute. "Dexter," he breathed out.

Private shot a worried glance at the turtle. "Leroy? Are wewe all right?"

Despite his best efforts, memories were being pushed to the front of his mind. Unwillingly, Leroy was reliving the terror he felt when Dexter had managed to kidnap him some years ago. Outside the sub, Dexter laughed...
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