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 Skipper and Private.... Cuddle-time
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The Ending of this story.
Petting Zoo
Rico starting looking at the pictures (they can't read remember? XD) and gasped at some blood stained pictures, oh wait no it's just juice. Rico leaned against the ukuta and remembered what he was doing here. Helping Skipper.

Skipper was still screaming and panicking. Rico stood up, but fell again because something au someone , fell on him .

"Rico! I'm so glad I found you!" Private said, as he started to hug Rico...a little to much.

"Do ou hav willes? (Do wewe have willies?)" Rico asked as he looked at Skipper's...
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Chapter 1: Schemes and Possesions

Seven years later...

"Private..."the vision called out. Private turned around to see nothing. "Private, I'm over here."the vision called out. Private took a step forward. "No over here."the vision said. Private turned around to see Henry who was 77. "Who are you?"Private fearfully asked. "I am your ascendant. I have to tell wewe that the time has come."Henry said. "For what?"Private fearfully asked. "To pick the chosen one of course. Tomorrow, your Uncle Nigel will be coming for something. Your eleventh birthday is today. Right?"Henry asked. Private fearfully...
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Marlene: "Good day, my Lords!"
*Penguins look at Marlene*
Kowalski: "Orbs of great fire!"
Marlene: "I bid you! I know not of thee!"
Skipper: "Greetings! Beauteous are thee...thou art very pretty...Uhh...Wherefore needest it thou? .... *looks at Kowalski* Sir Kowalski,what say you?"
Kowalski: "By my troth! Henceforth thee dwelling midst a mistress!"
Marlene: "I know not that name!"
Kowalski: "Tis most slendid of oppourtunities, dost thee whence of wisdom before shall canst a goodly length in thee past of times!"
Marlene: "Wilt thou speak of thee? I trow not!"
Kowalski: "Mistress fare thee in thou tongue of flibbbergim!"
Marlene: "Thee speak of nonsense, good sir-"
Kowalski: "Incredulous!"
Marlene: "Naught thee! My name be thou- *Kowalski grabs her tongue* MMarr-lenne!"
Skipper,Private and Rico: "Arlene!"
Skipper: "Ye art hath thee hearts of noble men!"
Marlene: "My..lord?"
Skipper: "My lady alisema thee!"
The men storm in. I peek from under the dangling sheets under my bed. They mgawanyiko, baidisha up.
"We know you're in here, kid. If we have to come, and find wewe it's going to be a very long and painful death." He warns, and inches closer to the bed. "You're hiding like a coward, but we'll gut wewe like a fish!" He says slicing the sheet.
No one's there. I breathe a sigh of relief from beneath the other bed. I hear them march out. As I wriggle out from under the bed.
A strange feeling of heat touches my face. In the corner, is a glowing light. I stagger over, following the hot light. There I see something...
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I did not make this up. It is in a book I bought.

To play: fill in the spaces with the word it tells wewe to, then use those same words to fill in the story in the same order.

Plural noun ________
Adjective __________
Part of the body______
Adjective ___________
Noun ______________
Adjective ___________
Noun ______________
Adjective ___________
Adjective ___________
Plural noun__________
Adjective ___________
Noun ______________
Adjective ___________
Plural noun__________
Plural noun__________

Now to start the story:

Meet the Penguins

Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico may look like four cuddly ________- but ...
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posted by queenpalm
I am uandishi this to onyesha others what I think happened to the penguins in earlier times. Don't get confused kwa all the names. There are lots of them.

Rico had been swimming for a full ten dakika now, and he was really tired. Finally, he saw a rock, and swam towards it.
Once Rico got to the rock, he jumped onto it, and almost fell asleep. His eyelids were getting heavy, and he was weary.
Rico closed his eyes, and thought of his mother. She must've been so mad and sad to wake up and find her only chick...
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Alex:make me pen-gu-in
Ron:um.....what happen?
Mars:who are u?
Private:oh sorry for being rude.I am private
Kowalski: Kowalski this is Rico
Alex:why are we in nets?
Mars:same here
Alex:hey I just realize that u and hermy are in the same nets wow
Mars:I am so lonely
Harry:can u please get us out of here!?
Private:sure (cuts open nets)
Alex:I feel so free
Kowalski:u only be there for 3 mintes
Alex:3 mintes is long in my world
Ron:I can't believe I was in a net with
Alex and mars:hermione
Alex :P
All Marlene could do was watch helplessly linto Lilly's angry blue eyes as she was being choked. She could hear the guys banging on the enterance to the HQ, trying to get to Marlene before their teammate mangled her. Then, Lilly did what she had wanted to do the whole time. She gave Marlene a BIG hug! (Don't worry wewe Marlene fans, she's still alive. *for NOW....*) "Huh!?" Marlene asked , releasing the air that had built up inside her lungs. " Come on! I wasn't gonna kill you! I just wanted wewe to tell me who wewe liked." alisema Lilly with a smile. " I didn't want to hurt you. I thought the only...
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