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 A POM Art kwa ___Sophie___
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
The Dr Blowhole Countdown is on! The 3rd special is just moments away from us. Here is what wewe penguin, auk and Blowhole loving mashabiki can do while waiting!

WATCH the awali specials on the Operation Blowhole DVD. au download them from iTunes and watch them on your computer, tablet, au smartphone.

LIVE the action in the Penguins of Madagascar video game Dr Blowhole Returns AGAIN! Available for KINECT for Xbox360, PS3, Nintendo DS, and uDraw for Wii.

PLAY The Deep theme of the Pinball HD Collection app. Complete awesome missions, slay the shark, and discover hidden treasure. Available on the App Store.

DANCE to Dr Blowhole's theme song, wewe Make Me Feel kwa cobra Starship, the hit single from their latest album, Night Shades. Dance to it your own way au dance to it on Just Dance 4 (Wii, Kinect) and Dance Central 3 (Only for Kinect).

And on the siku the special airs, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for The penguin, auk who Loved Me starring Dr Blowhole!
posted by Saori14
I'll think of a title later...

Chapter One: The Transfer
“Skipper, maybe wewe should take a look at this.” Kowalski swivelled the monitor round to Skipper. “Transferred? Aquarium? California? OTTER?!?” Skipper scanned the document, but it seemed foolproof enough. “How are we going to tell Marlene?” Private asked meekly. “We is a generalization, Private. I’m going alone.” Skipper wasn’t sure he was making the right decision, but if not then he’d just wing it as usual. “Are wewe sure, Skipper?” Kowalski asked, poking up from behind him. “Positive, soldier. If I’m not...
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User: Hello there! I'm Private! What's your name? :).

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: Hi Cleverbot! :).

Cleverbot: Hello.

User: So how are you?

Cleverbot: I'm great! What about you?

User: I'm good! I'm just watching the Loonacorns! :).

Cleverbot: What do wewe watch?

User: The Loonacorns! It's a wonderful onyesha about friendship and heart-warming life lessons! :).

Cleverbot: That's good.

User: Princess Self-Respectra is my favorite!

Cleverbot: My inayopendelewa superhero is SUPERMAN.

User: But Superman doesn't teach wewe any life lessons!

Cleverbot: You're right.

User: :).

Cleverbot: Do wewe like That 70.

User: What's that?...
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posted by legendary7
Killer turned around nervously.
Ki: "Uh, Skipper .... what are wewe doing awake?"
S: "You weren't leaving, were you?"
Ki: "No, I was ..... just going for a walk."
S: "Come on, if wewe planning on coming back for Private, wewe would tell him wewe were going to fake your death. That's right, Killer, I know what's off about you. wewe must be so messed up to walk out on him. I've got news for you. You're never going to find a better kid."
Ki: "I know, I know, I'm just afraid of what might happen. I mean, if the hunters return and .... what if I mess up again."
S: "You leave and you're messing up majorly....
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posted by SkippX101
It's a beautiful morning in centeral park zoo. The penguins had just finished their training exercises for the morning.

"Good workout men! That's all for toda- OWWW!!" Skipper alisema calmly, before a massive pain in his left shoulder occured. He had fallen on the floor, moaning in pain."SKIPPER!!!!" yelled Private...That was the last thing Skipper heard bfore a vision appeared.

It was a human girl, she was about 20 years old, she was wearing white, the only colourful thing she has on was a purple watch, she had snow-boarders goggles on. She was running through snow. Suddenly she stopped and turned...
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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 5

Kowalski and Rico went over to the otter's habitat to go find Private. Once they got there they stared to look for him, after a few dakika they found Private right outside Marlene's cave sitting down, looking very sad.

"Private are wewe okay," asked Kowalski.

"What are wewe two doing here, came to tell me that I'm too young for Marlene just like Skippa did?"

"No, Private wewe really hurt Skipper's feelings with whatever wewe alisema to him."

"I know I did, but I wish that Skippa would stop treating me like I'm a child."

"I know but wewe have to understand you're like a son to him, wewe mean everything...
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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 4

Private and Marlene paused and looked at Skipper. He saw the whole thing, he now knew about their secret love.

"Private. Explain, NOW!" Skipper barked.

"Skippa! It's hard to say this…but…" Private was too nervous to say anything.

"But what?" Skipper asked with his flippers folded.

"It's just that…" Private stopped mid-sentence.

"Me and Private upendo each other." Marlene alisema bluntly.

Skipper couldn't believe his eyes. Private was too young. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Private…you can't upendo Marlene. She's too older than you." Skipper said.

"Excuse me?" Marlene said.

"Skippa! I'm not...
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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 2

Marlene was getting an ice pack for Private's sprained flipper. Private was looking over at her. His crush was starting to grow on him, and then Marlene got the ice pack.

"Here wewe go Private!" Marlene alisema happily.

"Thanks Marlene." Private alisema happily as well.

He was getting nervous around her. There was tension building up in his body. He wanted to say something but he just couldn't.

"Marlene, do you…by any chance…like anyone here?" Private asked.

What kind of a swali was that? wewe dope. Private thought to himself.

"Sure. Everyone here is my friend. Well…mostly everyone." Marlene...
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posted by Metallica1147
Author's Note: I did not make this story alone, my friend over at FanFiction, SkullDestroyer and I made this together. Hope wewe like it! ^^

When Eyes Meet
Chapter 1

It's a normal siku in the zoo and the penguins are inside their HQ. Skipper has called the team for role call and kwa the looks on Skipper's face he means business.

"Men, I have come up with a training course that tests your strength, speed, and your endurance."

"Aw, but Skippa I was going to watch the new episode of Spongebob right now."

"You can watch that cheese head later, but this important Private."

"Yes sir," Private was saying while...
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posted by LtKowalski

    We just had our breakfast, Skipper stood in front of the TV with his samaki coffee mug in his flipper watching the news. Private just sat there starring down at the floor while Rico played lazily with his leftover fish. I stood just outside my laboratory with a bisibisi and my shrink ray in my flippers. I pretended to remove the screws, look inside the device, arrange nd disarrange the parts put back the screws then repeated the over and over.
    This morning was gloomy. Thats the only word I can describe...
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Okay - little note for everyone that saw my trailer video. I had to make a few changes for the video, the biggest being the way Kowalski performs the experiment on himself. In this version (and in the official Broadway show), he actually injects the formula into his skin. I had to change it in the video because A) drawing the injection is really, really hard, and B) the song's lyrics alisema otherwise. That song came off the Resurrection album, not the stage production - some changes were made in between.
Enough talk - onto the action!!!

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posted by Death-Hammer
It was a sunny afternoon. The people had already left the zoo for the day. The penguins were all exhausted from being 'cute and cuddly'. "Alright men let's take five" alisema Skipper, in an exhausted tone of voice. The penguins all walked to the fishbowl entrance and down the ladder. Private started to watch TV, Kowalski was testing his inventions, and Rico was with his doll girl friend. Then Marlene burst through the door, startling Skipper. "Marlene! What are wewe doing here? We had all this security guarding our HQ!" then Marlene stopped him from talking. "Guys, guess what! I'm getting a new...
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posted by Rini_Kowalski
My first fanfiction! Enjoy!
It was krisimasi eve, 7:56 P.M.
Four penguins of the New York Central Park Zoo were preparing for Christmas.
Setting up the usual Ice tree, hanging mistletoe, (<-- just in case..) and stalkings. Private enjoyed Christmas. a few years zamani when he was still new to the penguins HQ, he seriously was confused.
Skipper told him: "Private, wewe must understand, this penguin, auk HQ does not believe in Santa Clause. He's just a fat man who was originally a Hobo and was thrown into the North Pole where he found Reindeers that are...
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