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Penguins of Madagascar
I do not know how long I will be able to keep up this fanfiction, but it's based off of a strange dream I had a couple weeks ago- so enjoy!


I yawned as I climbed under the blanket on my kitanda and laid down. I had just finished watching a new episode of The Penguins of Madagascar, was a exhausted. Before closing my eyes for sleep, I looked over at my clock for the time.
Although I knew I was the only one in the house awake, I wasn't surprized the hear noises in the hallway. I assumed it was our beagle, Poppy. It wasn't. I closed my eyes. When I opened them I found three little penguins...
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 Jake The otter (Credit to Creator of Picture)
Jake The Otter (Credit to Creator of Picture)
One siku in the zoo, the penguins were in the lair, watching a movie.
"Skipper, why are we watching this again?" Private asked.
"It's a penguin, auk documentary. Just like last time. But a bit less gory...." Skipper answered.
"Oh penguins, we are in need of you're asisstance." alisema a familiar chimp voice.
"What's up, chimps?" Skipper said.
"It seems that there is a temporary transfer to the Central Park Zoo with another Otter." explained Mason, while Phil used sign language.
"So, why do wewe need our help?" Asked Kowalski.
"Don't wewe remember what happened last time? With Ronda?" reminded Mason.
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******A/N: What's up!! So I've been messing around with the idea of Skilene in my head for a while now. Oh yeah, I admit it. I came up with a little two-shot and thought I'd post it here first since I know a lot of Skilene lovers hang around here. Enjoy! Oh and, reviews make me type faster. Thanks!! ******

Marlene was bored. It was a bright, sunny siku with very little to do to pass the time and the zoo was unbearably slow. She had spent most of the siku having a go with various hobbies with less enthusiasm than usual so she gave it up as a bad job and decided to go visit the guys and see what...
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I had SOO much fun uandishi this chapter! I hope wewe have just as much fun kusoma it! maoni please!!!!


"Ugh," Kowalski instictively stretched out, before realizing he was no longer in a crate. He lay on a cold powdery substance. Snow? Kowalski put some in his mouth, then spit it out. It was Fake.

Standing up, he brushed of the flakes and looked around.
There was fake ice and snow covering the landscape,
with stone slabs set out in an area of salt water. If the snow wasn't real then...was this a habitat? Kowalski searched the perimeter for his mate,...
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S=Sipper,K=kowalski,P=priviate,R=Rico,M=Marlene,KJ=King Julian,Mt=Mort,Mr=Mories
Holloween siku Special
(holloween siku every one is sleeping untuil...)Krash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(every one in holl inter zoo wacks up)
S:What in the name of gonies nonchucks was that?!
K:it sounded like a car crash.
S:Lets go check it out men.(they go outside and they saw nothing)
P:Hu? Thats odd? theres nothing out here.
M:Hay guys!(all four penguins jump)
S:Marlene! Do wewe always have to do that?!
M:Sarry guys,but did wewe here that loud nose this morning?
S:Yes in marder of fact we did and were going to find...
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Skipper: Is the dummy ready?
Kowalski: I took advantage of the chakula I could find under the table, and the gum made an excellent bonding material to hold it together. (proudly shows Skipper two penguin, auk dummies made out of gross taco meat and other stuff, and disgusting pieces of chewed gum.)
Skipper: Outstanding! These will buy us a few precious moments.
The monster meat taco is moving around across the floor, looking around for the two penguin, auk runaways. It is nearing their table. They quickly dive back under the tablecloth before they could be seen. inayofuata Kowalski makes a working kombeo shot using...
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Dream 02.13.15

Note: Well, anyone who knows me had to know I was going to do a Skilene one eventually. Happy Valentine’s!

— § —

Unable to sleep, Skipper pulled himself topside for some fresh air. He had that nightmare again, the same one he’d been having every night for a week. He hadn’t told anyone about it yet—partly because it was really disturbing him, and partly because he didn’t want anybody worrying about him.

He ran his flippers over his face and knelt kwa the pool to look at his reflection. He could tell that he was tired with the circles around his eyes. The team had seemed...
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The stage was all set, and all the people who were involved in the play were getting ready, Phil even had costumes for them all.

Phil: alright....the play will begin in a few minutes, make sure your ready, and I hope wewe remember your lines!

Everyone was getting thier costumes on as Phil was saying this, Michelle was all ready for the play, so she sat and watched Rico get ready.

Rainshadow: "whispers" hujambo Michelle....go talk to Rico...I know wewe like him.

Michelle then jumped, how did rainshadow know she thought?

Michelle: what?!

Rainshadow: just go. Just start any conversation, oh look he needs...
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Skipper and the other survivors were all determined to get out of here, with thier courage left making them go on, they continued along the huge building searching for any means of sachiko. Soon, after a while of walking around, a huge earthquake had begun.

Rico: whoa! This ones huge, unlike the other ones!

Everyone fell to the ground, struggling to not get separated again, they all held hands, the earthquake was ongoing until all of them fell unconscious.

Skipper and the others woke up, who were startled to find that the earthquake had changed the school completely! Instead if it Bieng dark,...
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The end is part two of the Ending XD (P.S. this is going to be short I did this early in the morning so...yawn!)
The penguins finally reached their habitat and sighed with almost relief 'till they opened the hatch.

"Skipper!" Kowalski shouted with joy.

Sophia jerked her head around. "Aw 'come on!"

Skipper and Sophia started challenging each other. They went on and on and on and on of trash talk and on and on and on.....


Sophia and Skipper looked at him with shocked looks, well, not Sophia anyway.

Private and Rico untied Kowalski and hugged him. Kowalski was just glad he didn't have to do pick up lines anymore. (Yet.)

Sophia and Skipper started air kicks and flung at each other.

Who will win?
Sorry its short I'm sleepy