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 Doctor Who and North Wind Logos
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I know little about "Doctor Who." But the show's TARDIS logo reminds me of the North Wind's logo.
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Doctor Who
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I finally got the internet working again. This is video is on my YouTube account. And the Summer Belongs To wewe one.
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posted by spmana123
Marlene had started to come and visit Rico every siku until he awoke from his coma, she would come and sit with him and talk to him for hours,

Marlene: yea Rico....we should do that when wewe wake will be fun...

Skipper then walked in the room.

Skipper:'s time to's getting late....

Marlene: really....already....ok....goodbye Rico...I'll see wewe tomorrow..

Marlene then kissed Rico on the forehead and skipper and Marlene left the room.

Marlene and skipper were on thier way home, Marlene and skipper tried to strike up a conversation, but skipper was still ticked off at...
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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 5: Tranquility Lane

Private made it to a small abandon car repair shop. Private looked at his Pip-Boy to see if he went to the right place, and it alisema kuba 112. Private went inside anyways to see what he could find. The place was old and dusty, cobwebs everywhere. Private noticed a huge door on the floor on the far-left side of the room, and walked to it. He opened the door and it showed stairs that lead to the basement. He went down, but saw that this wasn’t the basement at all. Instead it was the entrance to kuba 112. Private looked at the control panel, and just simply just pressed...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
hujambo this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)
I'm probably going to focus zaidi on Skipper's POV. Srry I didn't mention what POV means I've seen it a lot and thought wewe guys knew what it meant, well anyway, POV means point of view. Enjoy! :)

Skipper's POV:
I tried to steer clear of Kat and Marlene for the past couple days, but it's been hard, well, it should be, Kat is our roommate, and Marlene drops kwa daily.

"Skippa? Where's your coffee?" Private asked me

"I don't want any" I replied

"Skipper still isn't himself after what happened Private" Kowalski alisema annoyed, probably because he tells Private...
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posted by ricoiswsome
 47 Vs. Rico
47 Vs. Rico
Fighting style: boxing, karate, Kung Fu
Weapons: Twin-Silver Ballars, anything he can find in the area
Description: A bald assain, trained highly in the ways of contract killing.

Fighting style: Karate
Weapons: What ever the heck is in his gut.
Description: A psychotic little penguin, auk who shows no regards towards the rules. But is controlling of his use of explosives.

Rico walks alone in Central Park no one is around little does he know a hit was placed on him and agent 47 was sent after him. 47 waits for Rico to come out into the open. 47 the hears a twig snap under Rico's foot, he draws out his silver ballers. As Rico hears 47 emerge from behind the mti he lets loose with a smoke bomb. As the smoke clears 47 is no where to be found. As Rico continues on his way a W2000 sniper bunduki goes off getting Rico in the chest. Victory goes to 47.
This may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode. If you'd like to watch the episode first, click link

Request kwa link


Chase Scene: Take 1

Burt: *while running kwa with other animals* Come on! I'm gettin' edgy to give a wedgy!

Skipper: *from behind a wall* *signals team that the ghost is clear* "So, how long will your freeze ray last?"

Kowalski: "Skipper, when your talking, bleeding edge technology like this, it's impossible to even tell-"

Twins: *unfreeze and run away screaming like girls*

Twin 1: *trips on Kowalski* "Ow!...
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Lorrie Trace was a confident woman with skin the color of creamy maziwa chocolate. Her kind eyes saw the world in a perspective that most didn't. She always tried to see the good in everyone and everything. Some might say she has a moyo of gold. She attended Harvard chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha and received a doctorate in science and physics. Ever since, she's been traveling the world, wanting to know zaidi about it and its wonders.

As always, it was a freezing, below zero siku in Antarctica. Lorrie was wearing a heavy black kanzu, koti with a sweater underneath, thermal, blue colored gloves, and think black pants, and...
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link (AKA Monique. Since this is her fanfic, she will play the director.)


The team was invited to participate in a fighting tournament. They will each be going against an enemy that they have some sort of connection to, yet never met before, but, they'd have to fight individually.
"Listen up, team. Today is the big day. We've done extra training for two weeks for this. Just because we'll be mgawanyiko, baidisha up for this doesn't mean that we won't be the champs. If we're going to be strong on the outside, we're going to start kwa being strong on the inside and be confident that we'll take home...
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Kowalski looked up. "Who was that?"
Doris listened. "I don't hear anything."
Kowalski held up a hand, signaling her to be quiet. He listened intently.
He heard the scream again, then two gunshots.
"I heard it that time," Doris said.
"Who was it?" Kowalski asked again. Then he realized. "Hans," he said.
"Should we go see if he's alright?" Doris asked.
Kowalski shook his head. "He's Skipper's enemy."
"So he's my enemy too."

Hans watched Skipper disappear into the jungle. "Can we not be friends, Skipper?" he whispered.
He heard someone crash into the small clearing in which he stood. He spun to...
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"Kowalski! Wait! Where are wewe going?" Skipper called after Kowalski.
Kowalski didn't answer, didn't look back. He couldn't stand to face Skipper and Private after he had let Rico die.
He heard someone coming after him. "Kowalski, wait," they said. Doris.
Kowalski turned to face her. "What do wewe want?"
"I'm coming with you," Doris said, pulling herself up to her full height and looking him straight in the eyes.
Kowalski couldn't make himself turn her down. " wewe really want to come?" he asked.
He nodded. "Come on, then."
"Kowalski! Doris! What are wewe doing?" Skipper yelled into the...
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Skipper stared down the barrel of the gun, his jaw set defiantly. He prepared for the end.
He heard a whooshing sound, and the woman fell into the hole, an arrow sticking out of her back. Blood trickled from the wound.
Another whooshing sound, and the man also toppled into the hole, the arrow shot clean through his chest. A bit of his moyo quivered on the tip.
Hans peered into the hole.
Skipper yelled in surprise and yanked the arrow out of the woman's back. He started trying to poke Hans' eye out with it.
Hans leaned away from the arrow. "I save your life, and this is the thanks I get?"
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The penguins arrived to their HQ. Outside it was dark and cold. They gently put Private in his bunk.
"Kowalski analysis" Skipper said.
"Private has got deep wounds but I think he'll be fine" Kowalski alisema looking at unconscious Private.
"I'm working on a new experiment which can help him, but I and Rico have to go and find necessary parts"
Skipper nodded and the two penguins went out of the HQ.
Little penguin, auk opened his eyes when he heard his leader's voice.
"Are wewe alright?" Skipper asked.
"Yes, thanks for asking… what about Katherine?"
"I don't know"
Private tried to sit, but he...
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posted by peacebaby7
Note to reader: I decided to start doing my makala in zaidi of a story form instead of a script-like form...It's much easier to work in details. Those who have read my awali makala know me to do my makala that way. Anyway, please enjoy the inayofuata chapter of Madagascar Epilogue.


Three Months Into Construction...

The past 3 months of construction has been very progressing for the animals. The platform is now nearly completed, & the penguins were now getting ready to bring down the plane after careful analysis of the plane's engine state.

The four mischievous penguins were now...
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