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hujambo Ya'll just sayin' if wewe have NOT read The Hero's of Olympus do not read this unless wewe want the story spoiled. This is way shorter than my regular articles. This kind of a preview. So just tell me what wewe think and If I should keep writing.

"Your late."

"Sorry Grover was giving me a lecture on the evils of throwing away cans."

"Ah lectures such fond memories....."


"Oh It doesn't matter at least wewe remembered to come ha ha!"

"That was not my fault, I had no idea the Hectate cabin, kibanda put that in my coke!"




"Well, I was just thinking that...."

"Thinking what?"...
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I finally got it down!!!!!!!!!!

"DON"T SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the archers. "She's bewitched!!"

"What?" Asked Micheal Yew.

"No!! See thats Addison but she's under a spell. Someone go get Jesslyn!"

Jesslyn is a very special memeber of the camp (this is a spoiler for my addison zander articles!!) Shes the only living demigod who is a child of Kronos, but she is really good. She is also six.

An Ares kid ran after her. Yea, a shock, Ares kid doing me a favor? Well, no one messs with Jesslyn. She's like a human bomb. wewe hurt her, wewe die with the flick of her hand. But she's been trying to...
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When we saw those glowing green eyes, every single one of the Hecate kids fainted. No litterly. It was like a bad omen au something. But It was scary, like when your a kid in a park and some bila mpangilio guy comes up to wewe saying he has seen your future.

It wasn't bad at the start. We just gave Addison the potion Misha and the Hecate children made, and she woke up. With glowing, freakishly scary green eyes. No biggy, not really at least.

"HOLY CRUD WHAT IS THAT?!" Melissa screamed while staring at Addison.

Jesslyn jumped in front of Addison. "NO ONE TOUCH HER!!"


"I have a feeling!!" She cried....
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.Okay so I was laying there in kitanda when Annabeth knocks on my door.
She was holding four guitars, and a Wii console
"What the-"
"Remember that one night at your moms apartment when we were having a guitar, gitaa hero battle"
"We never finished"
She nodded and smiled.
It took her about five dakika took hook up everything and then I turned the volume up super loud. It was only 9pm, so we had time to rock out.

Around 10pm theres a knock on our door.
"Oh gods we're busted!!!"
We threw the guitars behind the kitanda and turned the volume down.
"You're not supposed to be in here!! Go hide in the closet!!"
She Buried...
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So this is a different take on the long awaited percabeth reunion coming up in "The Mark of Athena" I thought it was fun to wite and I hope wewe guys like it...

“Mumee? Would wewe tell me a story?”
    The child’s mother sat on her bed, and the girl’s shoulders slumped. The stormy grey eyes she looked into seemed to be calculating an escape route. That was the thing about Sally’s mother. She was always worrying, and she never gave two bedtime stories. ‘Wise girl’ Sally thought ‘Daddy says mommy likes to be called wise girl.’
“Please wise girl?” Sally tried...
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