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Having been a Petra Kvitova shabiki for many years, it was strange to say the least that just after my daughter Bethany purchased me a signed photograph from Amazon, this wonderful and remarkable lady was attacked in her own nyumbani kwa an intruder posing as a so called professional.
But Petra being as brave as ever proved her doctors wrong and has made giant strides in her quest to win another tennis grand slam.
However we should all let her know that her courage and tenacity has helped thousands if not millions of people worldwide.
Let me explain, Petra is an example to us all of how to beat the odds and make a full recovery to health and fitness. wewe may say that she has not won another grand slam tournament yet, but please be patient, for that blessed siku will come in the not too distant future.
So for now enjoy Petra's sheer presence of mind, her tennis skills and her upendo for others.
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