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Phineas and Ferb Swali

What Do wewe Imagine When wewe Look At Phineas And Ferb?

For Me, Well I once saw Phineas and Ferb and once i watched The Movie Across The

Universe, and Heard it's muziki and i thought, Hey, It Fits Phineas And Ferb, so

i thought about it and it really does fit, alot of the songs really fit the

characters au situations au other stuff in Phineas And Ferb. Not The Original

Beatles Versions, The Ones Used In The Movie. I think these would also make

great Youtube videos, not saying others should make it, not saying i'll make it

myself, i'm just saying it would be cool!

Girl-Phineas, Because well, he's one of the main characters of the show, and

the song fits him perfectly, is there anybody going to listen to his story,

while he could sing the song about Isabella, i think girl fits zaidi for his mom

au for his inventions, Is there anybody going to listen to my story All about

the girl who came to stay? She's the kind of girl wewe want so much It makes you

sorry Still wewe don't regret a single day. Ah girl Girl

Hold Me Tight-It Fits Candace And She Sings It To Jeremy Johnson, who else does

it fit, this can be shown with scenes of Candace Dancing with Jeremy and

Hugging Jeremy inclduing from The krisimasi Special and even just being with

Jeremy, au just seperate picha of her and jeremy, and it fits very well,

especially with the it's you, wewe wewe wewe oo oo oo oo , let me go on loving

you, tell me i'm the only one and making upendo to only you, it fits very well,

It feels so right now, hold me tight,Tell me I'm the only one,And then I

might,Never be the lonely one.So hold me tight, to-night, to-night,It's you,

wewe wewe wewe - oo-oo - oo-oo.Hold me tight,Let me go on loving you,To-night to-

night,Making upendo to only you,So hold me tight, to-night, to-night,It's you,

wewe wewe wewe - oo-oo - oo-oo.

All My Loving-Phineas as he goes out all the time to make new inventions, this

fits him, wewe can say he says this to his mom, it fits him very well, as he

does sen
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