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posted by miiamya
My latest pick pet peeve is not opinionated picks. They have been popping up frequently and are beginning to irk me almost as much as repeat picks. In case wewe don't know what I am talking about, not opinionated picks are picks that ask maswali to which there is only one answer. These can range from inquiring when the inayofuata episode of a onyesha in airing to asking what the full name of a character is.

I assume that the people who create these picks just don't understand the purpose of a pick. Picks are not trivia maswali nor are they a way to ask for factual information. If wewe wish to know when a new episode airs, I suggest posting it as a forum.

I'm sorry if this was at all offensive, but I figured that uandishi a soapbox was easier than giving the same spiel to every mwandishi of a not opinionated pick.

Also, I am trying to think of a better name for this variety of picks rather than 'not opinionated picks'. Catchy names were never my forte.
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added by chel1395
Source: yahoo.com