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posted by Sasunaru120
wewe never know what wewe have until wewe lose it, and once wewe lose it, wewe can never get it back.

My moyo was taken kwa you... broken kwa you... and now it is in pieces because of you.

Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

You're the one who broke my heart, you're the reason my world fell apart, you're the one who made me cry, yet I'm still in upendo with wewe and I don't know why.

A million words would not bring wewe back, I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know I've cried.

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him...
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The Alchemy of Sorrow

One man lights wewe with his ardor,
Another puts wewe in mourning, Nature!
That which says to one: sepulcher!
Says to another: life! glory!

You have always frightened me,
Hermes the unknown, wewe who help me.
You make me the peer of Midas,
The saddest of all alchemists;

Through wewe I change dhahabu to iron
And make of paradise a hell;
In the winding sheet of the clouds

I discover a beloved corpse,
And on the celestial shores
I build massive sarcophagi.


L'un t'éclaire avec son ardeur,
L'autre en toi met son deuil, Nature!
Ce qui dit à...
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posted by sawfan13
Baby Doll
Baby Doll
I miss you

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Lost in the cold world

Do wewe miss me?
I miss you
Does another little girl upendo you?
I kinda hope so

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
I am sorry for leaving you

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Do wewe hate me?
I don't hate you

Mommy says to get over you
But I cry and say I want you
Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Do wewe still cry for me?
I still cry for you

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
I never wanna grow up

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Do wewe still cry "Mama" for me?
Because I still cry "Baby" for you

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
I'm sorry for dropping you
I'm sorry for losing you

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Mommy bought me a new one
But she still isn't as fun like you

Santa will wewe bring her back to me?
Will wewe wrap, upangaji pamoja her in a bow all nice and pretty?
Clean her up and make her nice?

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
I pray every night for you

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
I know wewe will come back to me soon.
I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe your beauty,
In which are blended childhood and maturity.

When wewe go sweeping kwa in your full, flowing skirts,
You resemble a trim ship as it puts to sea
Under full sail and goes rolling
Lazily, to a slow and easy rhythm.

On your large, round neck, on your plump shoulders,
Your head moves proudly and with a strange grace,
With a placid, triumphant air
You go your way, majestic child.

I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe...
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posted by Lovetreehill
Soon we shall plunge into the cold darkness,
Farewell, vivid brightness of our short-lived summers!
Already I hear the dismal sound of firewood
Falling with a clatter on the courtyard pavements.

All winter will possess my being : wrath,
Hate, horror, shivering, hard, forced labor,
And, like the sun in his polar Hades,
My moyo will be no zaidi than a frozen red block.

All atremble I listen to each falling log,
The building of a scaffold has no duller sound.
My spirit resembles the tower which crumbles
Under the tireless blows of the battering ram.

It seems to me, lulled kwa these monotonous shocks,
That somewhere...
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posted by Lovetreehill
Be quiet and zaidi discreet, O my Grief.
You cried out for the Evening; even now it falls:
A gloomy atmosphere envelops the city,
Bringing peace to some, anxiety to others.

While the vulgar herd of mortals, under the scourge
Of Pleasure, that merciless torturer,
Goes to gather remorse in the servile festival,
My Grief, give me your hand; come this way

Far from them. See the dead years in kikale, kale fashioned gowns
Lean over the balconies of heaven;
Smiling Regret rise from the depths of the waters;

The dying Sun fall asleep beneath an arch, and
Listen, darling, to the soft footfalls of the Night
That traits off...
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posted by Zeppie
(Eh, these midnight ramblings aren't constructed well, but most of my poems aren't)

I Was Fooled.

This life is yours for the taking
grab onto it with both hands
steer in the direction of fulfillment.

This life can only be lived once
Make the years count
You have many zaidi to go.

This life will offer wewe so much
experiences to grow from
love and laughter to share.

This life is worth fighting for
People will fight kwa your side
a common goal of peace.

Such things were pretty thoughts.

Pretty thoughts to humour me for just a moment.
Pretty thoughts created as only a distraction from the truth.

These pretty thoughts...
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posted by ThornedRose
life has won over death
you arrive
a joyuss look in your eyes
you were laughing
you were smiling
you were crawling
when wewe took your first steps
you were mesmirized
you were running
you were jumping
you were making mud pies
clinging onto me
soon wewe were older
to old for grownups
you played with your Marafiki
you played sports
but wewe still called me mommy
you were chasing after girls
you were failing your classes
you were making a mess of your world
soon wewe betrayed me
you lied and wewe cheated
you aliiba from me
you disapeared for days
you dropped out of school
you swore at me
you snuck into...
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Your head, your bearing, your gestures
Are fair as a fair countryside;
Laughter plays on your face
Like a cool wind in a clear sky.

The gloomy passer-by wewe meet
Is dazzled kwa the glow of health
Which radiates resplendently
From your arms and shoulders.

The touches of sonorous color
That wewe scatter on your dresses
Cast into the minds of poets
The image of a maua, ua dance.

Those crazy frocks are the emblem
Of your multi-colored nature;
Mad woman whom I'm mad about,
I hate and upendo wewe equally!

At times in a lovely garden
Where I dragged my atony,
I have felt the sun tear my breast,
As though it were in mockery;...
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posted by TBGB1970
When wewe stare into my eyes
What do wewe see?

I know I see a scared girl,
Who wants to break out of her shell
and onyesha the world who she really is.

She feels abandoned and alone
even with Marafiki and family around her.
She has been used and she was choking on the promise she would never fall again.

She's the girl people see
Laughing and smiling on the outside
is actually Crying and Hurting inside.

People misunderstands her,
They judge and tease but she puts up a shield.
She is sweet and sensitive but they don't care
They're cruel as the world we live in.

Do wewe see that in my eyes?
Do wewe see me?

It's amazing what wewe can hide
Just kwa putting on a smile.
posted by Lovetreehill
To the dearest, fairest woman
Who sets my moyo ablaze with light,
To the angel, the immortal idol,
Greetings in immortality !

She permeates my life
Like air impregnated with salt
And into my unsated soul
Pours the taste for the eternal.

Sachet, ever fresh, that perfumes
The atmosphere of a dear nook,
Forgotten censer smoldering
Secretly through the night,

Everlasting love, how can I
Describe wewe truthfully?
Grain of musk that lies unseen
In the depths of my eternity !

To the dearest, fairest woman
Who is my health and my delight
To the angel, the immortal idol,
Greetings in immortality !

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posted by emmab13
I sit here. At my computer. How wewe may say "stuck" au "blocked". Not knowing what to say, what to write, what to pour onto the page. But I just sit, think, and eventually, I lay my hands on the keyboard and just start . . . typing. Typing away. Letting my moyo and mind spill all over the now heavily damp worded page. I say what I feel and type what I think and maybe . . . just maybe the words I type turn into something that make sense. Words that turn into something beautiful, like a desert flower, slowly blooming, waiting for the rain to come to push it through.

Sometimes, as I type away...
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posted by shinju-chan
In kitanda
I think
Of all the things
I used to be

I felt attraction towards you,
And my eyes lit up like fireworks
On the Fourth of July,
Red, White and Blue.

I clipped my wings
Until I saw perfection
Standing in these heels,
I thought we had a connection.

But wewe pushed me down a hill,
And I drowned in a lake,
You did what wewe will,
and my life is at stake.

I stopped and realized what I've done,
Now I'm standing on the beach,
staring at the sun.

I don't want to see anymore,
So I blind myself
With politics and war.

But in the back of my mind,
au my head,
Sometimes I wished
That I was dead.

Then the feeling surged,
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That man wewe called ugly for his face warped with scars
He fought for his country in the Vietnam War.
That girl wewe called fat and laughed at will
She’s overdosing on diet pills.
That guy wewe called lame for not owning a license
He has to support his family kwa building fences.
That girl wewe felt wewe had to trip in the hallway
Is being abused at nyumbani all night and all day.
That guy wewe called stupid for not making his grades
Has a learning disability and has to take meds.
That fifteen-year-old girl with a child that wewe called a slut
Was raped two years zamani and left in a rut.
You think wewe know these...
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posted by slink365
A peaceful world would be nothing like the world I see in front of me
There would be no worry about what’s going to happen to me
By doing things as a community we make things available to the
Community. Graffiti washes, car washes, etc.
That’s what I could do as part of the community.

As an individual in this world I see in front of me
There I stand and see chaos right in front of me I stop it, it’s like the whole world froze
And it’s nothing but me stopping what I see right in front of me
I close my eyes
The vision I see is nothing like what is in front of me
There are people laughing, having...
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In fear of what you'll see,
this mirror is a painting
colored with memories
of your dying life.

In death and pain,
wewe see it clear,
tho these memories
are suppressed by
the blaze of unseen days.

Days that crave for smile,
but buried kwa the darkness
of your own.

Your dying life is still here,
impersonal and black,
this clock shows no time
for you, for your time has
stopped a long ago.

In memories of old,
wewe feed our dilapidated soul
with the same smell that
smothers your thoughts,
as your figure is terrified
to see your dying will.
The mirror has been covered
with cobweb for years,
for your eyes are never going
to be able to see
this dying life within.
The Grave alisema to the Rose,
"What of the dews of dawn,
Love's flower, what end is theirs ?"
"And what of spirits flown,
The souls whereon doth close
The tomb's mouth unawares ?"
The Rose alisema to the Grave.

The Rose said, "In the shade
From the dawn's tears is made
A perfume faint and strange,
Amber and honey sweet."
"And all the spirits fleet
Do suffer a sky-change,
zaidi strangely than the dew,
To God's own angels new,"
The Grave alisema to the Rose.



La tombe dit à la rose :
"Des pleurs dont l'aube t'arrose
Que fais-tu, fleur des amours ?"
La rose dit à la tombe :
"Que fais-tu de ce qui tombe
Dans ton gouffre ouvert toujours ?"

La rose dit : "Tombeau sombre,
De ces pleurs je fais dans l'ombre
Un parfum d'ambre et de miel."
La tombe dit : " Fleur plaintive,
De chaque âme qui m'arrive
Je fais un ange du ciel !"
posted by tayandkris4evr
Enjoy, maoni if wewe can.

This broken sky is falling.

This shattered earth is crumbling.

This broken moyo is bleeding.

This black room is all I see.

The blackness is all I see.

The black is all that I am.

My sky has fallen,

My earth has crumbled,

Yet my moyo continues to bleed.

wewe used to be my,




But, you’re gone.

Now all I see is black, in this black room, within the darkness.

Yet, my moyo continues to bleed.
posted by sawfan13
How everyone loves you
How everyone thinks you're queen
Do but they really know the true you?
Plastic little insignificance
One siku wewe will fall
Realizing that no one loves wewe after all
Always a smile on your face
Paparazzi cameras all on you
I know how wewe really are
And sweetheart, you're no star.
Little naive girls want to be you
A really bad influence covered in five siku old alcohol
Oh why do wewe think you're the best of the best
You were once a little girl
So real and true
But fame has made wewe forget
What you've really been through.
You're zaidi of a pest really
A disgrace to women everywhere
You're innocence...
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posted by Guizela
After witnessing a brute killing
She finds her Marafiki in their blood swimming
Trying to composed when fact she’s crying
She hasty runs when she saw someone approaching

In the corner of her room, she’s sitting with fear
Discerning that her Marafiki killer saw her
Her door opens instantly
But she locked it already

With dread she stand and check for it
A hazel brown eyes and faultless curve lips
A lady with fine body and dark straight hair
There, a killer standing and smiling at her

She promptly slammed and locked the door
The she saw her frighten self in the mirror
She went nearer and noticed a dagger she’s holding
And a bloody dress she’s wearing.