1. Brock: I didn't know vikings still existed...
Ash: They mostly live in Minnesota!

2. Brock: Rejected...by the only girl I ever loved!
Ash: That's ok, Brock - you'll find lots of other girls to reject you!

3. James: Hey, how can we breathe underwater?
Jessie: I don't know. Just shut up and swim!
Meowth:Do wewe think we'll get a bigger part in the inayofuata movie?

4. Jessie: "Pikachu's ours!!"
Meowth: Yeah...we still got three minutes!"

5. Jessie: Prepare for zaidi trouble than you've ever seen!
James: And make it double, 'cuz we're on the big screen!
Ash: I'm gonna have to catch this on Video!

6. Brock: This Nurse Joy's Bangs are 1 cm longer than any other Joy in the country...
Ash: Brock, that's amazing!
Max: Yeah, that's really something!
May: He's something else alright...

7. James: "I am the Flaming Moltres!"
Jessie: "Where on Earth did he get that costume?"
Meowth: "Straight outta his closet."

8. Misty: "Bug! Bug! Bug! Bug!"
Ash: "Maybe it's a... " *pops up in a cow costume* "...COW-terpie!"

9. Jessie:
"Just once, I'd like to make a dramatic exit that DOESN'T involve a life-threatening explosion. "

10. James: Quick! It's coming! Dance like an eggplant!

11. Jessie: (To Misty) Listen to me kid when wewe get involved with the opposite sex you're only asking for trouble.
James Yes, and thats the kind of trouble...I stay out of.
Meowth You's two don't need da opposite sex cuz wewe got eachother!Hahaha!
Jessie What does THAT mean!?

12. Jessie: Prepare for trouble, and a dance!
James: I'm wearing tights instead of pants!

13. Ash: If anybody's out there, wewe can come out. And if you're a monster au a ghost, wewe can stay where wewe are.

14. Narrator: So the story continues
James of Team Rocket: Drats! We just wasted this entire episode cheering for the good guys.
Narrator: That's right James.

15. James : We have a proud tradition of failure to uphold.

16. James : With enemies like that, who needs friends?

17. Misty: Oh no. Staryu's in real pain.
Ash: How can wewe tell? It doesn't even have a face.
Misty: It's because I'M sensitive to others feelings.
Ash: Oh yeah, like I'm not

18. Meowth: I hate water, especially WET water.

19. [Brock growls at Charmandar]
Brock : Light the lamp not me.
[Pikachu laughs]

20. Ash: It's following Pikachu around like its a streaker au something,
Misty: Huh Ash wewe mean a STALKER!