Okay sorry this took so long but first of all school is coming up for me and I was just unmotivated to do this. So yeah lets get started.So kwa the title you're expecting me to inayopendelewa one character over the other and wine about the other.Well too bad!! boi were U WRONG HAHAHA!! (odds one out reference totaly should watch dis guy)Okay back to the point so what is the problem well if wewe went around the pokemon fanbase you'll notice that well there is alot of wars over which one is better ash au red I will admit I personaly like ash as a character zaidi than red but I swear to GOD I hate that stupid punda Pikachu that can't do shit!! (sorry about that but I do like the pokemon Pikachu just not ash's that much) and I like red for his silence and pokemon origins. But which one is better well ash has saved the world alot but red can beat the fuckin' pokemon leage unlike him. but ash has beat the battle frontier and the machungwa, chungwa leage so which one is better wewe may ask? well neither they have both done some great things... I mean this just isn't in the pokemon fandom like for instance sonic and mario. well fun fact about me I don't like mario that much but in my opinion mario's titles are pretty good and mario odysey looks amazing and I want to get it just like sonic forces and pokemon ultra sun.But like I alisema neither are better but hujambo thats just my take on this.So yeah I won't be doing 1 of these for awhile but don't worry I won't ever doing 1 of these again no I'll still do them.Juzt may take awhile thats all. So bye see ya! thanks for kusoma this.