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 Staraptor and Trainer
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EG360 here! Sorry for the wait on this article, but I have been busy out of my mind >_< And wooh hoo! I have been waiting for a chance to write about Kris! Hope wewe enjoy!

6th Place:
Kris (Crystal)

About Kris: There is absolutely no doubt that Kris is probably the most underrated female character in the main Pokemon games. This is mainly because Pokemon Crystal version was released in 2000 on GameBoy Color. wewe know, that time where not all kids owned a portible gaming system (my first hand held gaming console was a Gamboy Advance SP, hense I haven't played Crystal either)....
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Mifoxus: The moto fox, mbweha pokemon
Type: Fire

When Mifoxus is super pumped for a battle, au when its about to lose a battle, and it has the determination to win, the flame on its tail grows super large!



Sharmilade: The nyasi chick pokemon.

When Sharmilade is about to be attacked, it uses its leaf-like tail as a shield, like how an Owshawott would use its shellchop.



Cargonice: The Water slug pokemon

When Cargonice is attacked with an electric songesha like thunderbolt, it can redirect it with the stone edges on its head and back But it can't redirect all elec. moves. like it can't redirect a songesha like Volt Tackle, au Shock Wave.
 Misanko Region Starter Pokemon!
Misanko Region Starter Pokemon!
UPDATES: YAY! I finished moyo Gold! So now, I can get back to regular updates! I'm still working on Pokemon zumaridi, zamaradi after the crash. First up, after multiple failed attempts on Yellow Forest, I tried getting a Pika holding a Light Ball. That had some strange results. Also, I decided to put up the stats that MissingNo has in R/B. And a way to sneak into Sinnoh Safari Zone for FREE! So, let's get going on our inayofuata Glitch Journey!

We are loaded with glitchiness in this edition, so to start things off, here is part of my hunt for a Pikachu holding a Light Ball!

So, starting in Eterna City (With...
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Number 1) Wooper. reason: other than cuteness, I like wooper because of nostalgia. gen 2 was and still is my favorite, and wooper was one of my first Johto Pokémon.

Number 2) Togedemaru. reason: because of the cuteness!

Number 3) Bidoof. reason: well, it's so cute! how could someone not like Bidoof? *because they're everywhere...*

Number 4) Rowlet. reason: nyasi type? check. Owl? check. sphere? check. starter? yesssss…

Number 5) Chespin. reason: why else? if anyone remembers the XY anime, I'll just let wewe take a guess.

Number 6) Mew. reason: Pokémon: the first movie. what an adorable Pokémon....
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In the Tv onyesha for Pokemon was good for so many years, but so many of Ash's Marafiki disappear after that region. Brock is the only exception to that because he traveled through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Ash´s travel pals always disappear they should all come back frequently throughout the onyesha when they seem needed.
Brock should come back in the Tv shows because he seems to know almost everything that's going on in the regions. Everyone needs Brock sometimes if their Pokemon are sick if they are in the woods alone without food. Brock traveled through 4 regions though and he has a job...
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It's a Pokemon Christmas

[The camera zooms in on Pallet Town and into Ash's house. Ash and Pikachu are sleeping in the bed. Ash's alarm clock goes off and sleigh bells are heard. Ash wakes up.]
Ash: [groans as he stretches his arms] Ahh, a beautiful morning. [He strokes Pikachu's fur] Pikachu, wake up, buddy.
[Pikachu woke up and rubs his eyes and yawns "Chaaaa"]
Pikachu: Pika Pika Pi.
Ash: Look, buddy, it's drawing very near. Our inayopendelewa time of the year. [He jumps out of bed] The snow is falling and the cold wind blows. [He changed his night wear into his Kalos outfit] Christmas is...
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 Mew left down a metronome before I step on it.
Mew left down a metronome before I step on it.
I was walking nyumbani from school, I found a metronome and I stepped on it and it vanished. I knew that what it was. I was jumping in pain and saw a long pink tail poking a hole through my pants.

I grew pink ears who came out of my hair. I was starting to turn pink and my hands became Mew hands. My feet began to stretch and we're rabbit like feet.

My green eyes turned blue and I'm now a Mew. I shrunk down: 5 feet tall, 4 feet tall, 3 feet tall, 2 feet tall and I'm now 1 foot tall and 4 inches. I began to float and went out of my clothes and flew away.
 Me as a Mew
Me as a Mew
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