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 Staraptor and Trainer
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Ok, lots know about Bad Egg au ? in a circle, two Advanced Generation glitches. Let's add one zaidi to the list: A glitch that had no name! I have startd to call this one L_93X1p, au The Mauville freezer! Most are from too many cheat codes, I had none.

Strange chain of events

I just got zumaridi, zamaradi a few days ago, I finished the first 2 gyms in 3 hours and Team Aqua was too weak. After getting to Slateport, I touched the game cartridge, katriji ya on accident and there was a horrible, scratchy noise and everything froze. According to TRsrockin.com this is called game freeze, as I thought it was. It happenend...
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When I first started playing Pokemon, I was 7 years old, and in first grade. I had just got my GameBoy Color, and I was very excited. So for a while I played games like Zelda and Super Mario, and other Nintendo classics. So for a while I was content. Then, a friend of mine brought his GameBoy over to my house. It turns out that he had just gotten the Pokemon dhahabu Version. He was already on his sekunde gym, and never stopped playing it. So naturally I wanted the game too. So I begged and pleaded with my parents who finally reluctantly bought it for me. I was very happy. So I began to play.

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I will tell wewe my inayopendelewa Emera, what they do, and what color they are.

1. Barrage. This Emera sometimes lets wewe use the same songesha twice in one turn. This Emera is purple.

2. Better Odds. When your songesha has an even number of PP the songesha will always be a critical hit and never misses. This Emera is yellow.

3. Ally Reviver. When your teammates faint they will automatically be revived and wewe won't lose a Reviver Seed au Tiny Reviver Seed. This Emera is green.

4. Payback. When an enemy Pokémon attacks wewe there is a chance their HP is reduced to 1. This Emera is blue.

5. Berry Power. The zaidi Berries...
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