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 Freaky Realistic Pokemon
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Found these artwork of Realist Pokemon thought they were pretty coll and ilitumwa here here
sanaa ya shabiki
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It's been awhile since I've done an article,but that's because I was too busy with my personal life.But now that I have time to finally write zaidi articles,I'm back with a orodha that I've been thinking of doing in the past.
Pokemon has always been a character-heavy series,both human and Pokemon wise.
,so it can be tough for a character to stand out especially when every game has its own set of Gym Leaders.But there are couple that stand out in my memory than others.
Now before we start,let's get a few things out of the way first:
1.Video-Game canon only.All of these characters appear in the games,anime...
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Okaaaay. I wanted to write an article. I did NOT want to write a Pokemon article, but I guess I have to write what my brain says it wants to write. Heck, it could be worse. I like Pokemon. I like lists. I like writing. So here we go on starting Wantadog’s juu 10 Water Pokemon!

Now as anyone who has talked with me about Pokemon will know, water is my inayopendelewa type. Even in real life, water is my sekunde inayopendelewa element, with light being the only thing I like more. There’s just something about water types. It could be that water types have naturally well balanced stats, which make for Pokemon...
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