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karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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This Pokémon karatasi la kupamba ukuta might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - In Theaters May 10, 2019
pokÉmon detective Pikachu
posted by Renegade1765
 One of my inayopendelewa teams that I used.
One of my favorite teams that I used.
One of the key elements of the Pokemon franchise is capturing powerful monsters that wewe can befriend and make them a part of your team who will assist wewe on your journey. Each an every Pokemon feel unique and different, and whatever team wewe make depends on your taste. wewe can a team made up of 6 different Dragon-Types. Maybe wewe only need 4 Pokemon on your team. au maybe wewe want a team comprised of Shiny Pokemon that wewe either bred au Shiny-Hunted. wewe choose what team wewe want to make, making your adventure feel zaidi personal. Not to mention, their with wewe on your journey, making you...
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(Next siku at school, Serena came into the classroom and met Brock and Dawn)
Brock: Is that your natural hair color?
Serena: Yeah.
Brock: It's gorgeous.
Serena: Thank you.
Brock: See, this is the color I want.
Dawn: This is Brock. He's almost too gay to function.
Serena: Nice to meet you.
Gary: Nice wig, Dawn. What's it made of?
Dawn: Your mom's chest hair! I'm Dawn.
Serena: Hi, I'm Serena. Do wewe guys know where Room G is? "Health, Tuesday/Thursday, Room G ."
Dawn: I think that's in the back building.
Brock: Yeah, that's in the back building.
Dawn: Yeah, we'll take wewe there.
Serena: Thanks....
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