Pokémon Which human/Pokémon Ship do wewe support? Please explain why.

Pick one:
HatThiefShipping (Ash and Aipom)
PikaShipping (Ash and Pikachu)
IwazaruShipping (Cilan and Pansage)
HandyShipping (Dawn and Ambipom)
PommesdAmourShipping (Iris and Emolga)
RelicSongShipping (Ash and Meloetta)
SeymourShipping (James and Carnivine)
SpoilShipping (Jessie and Dustox)
TaladradoraShipping (Iris and Excadrill)
TwinApplesShipping (Iris and Axew)
WatcherShipping (Tracey and Marill)
LilBlueShipping (Dawn and Piplup)
AltoShipping (Ash and Latias)
DayDreamShipping (Meowth and Giovanni)
JabShipping (Brock and Croagunk)
WinkShipping (Ash and Gligar)
GeneratorShipping (Misty and Pikachu)
WishShipping (Max and Jirachi)
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