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posted by lilfrostygirl
Pou is an app that wewe can get for your Android smartphone au iPhone au tablet. wewe can find pou on the Google Play Store for Android phones and at the App Store for $1.99 for apple products. Pou is your pet alien who wewe take care of daily, and is a maarufu app around the world. wewe must remember to feed your pou every two hours au so, make sure to bathe it in soap and the shower, play with it, keep its health up, and keep him/her energized. Pou may become sad au sick if wewe forget to take care of its needs.
You can personalize your pou kwa buying clothes and accessories for it, and wewe can...
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added by lilfrostygirl
posted by lilfrostygirl
As wewe may au may not know, pou is your pet alien who wewe feed, love, and etc.It is an app on your device.
Today we will tell wewe about pou's needs to make him a happy, happy, pou.
Everybody needs food. Check your pou daily to make sure it doesn't starve. wewe can feed your pou whatever wewe want (even strange combinations, like chili peppers and donuts!). Drag the chakula wewe have selected from the refridgerator to the pou's mouth. Your pou will automatically open his mouth if it is hungry, but will not eat it if he is not hungry.
Just like humans and living things, your pou...
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posted by lilfrostygirl
My cousin and I created this Pou shabiki Page for anyone who has/wants the Pou application on their device. We post many articles, facts, answers, polls, and zaidi to help your pou have a happy life! Both me and my cousin have the pou app, and we upendo it. We hope wewe do too. If wewe don't have the pou app, we suggest wewe install it! It is a very fun app that will keep wewe occupied for hours on end until your phone runs down to the last juisi of its battery! (Haha, we know that because it's happened before !)
Even on the road when wewe don't have anything to do, the pou will keep wewe company for a long time when wewe are bored!