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posted by Boomerxbubbles
Well these are my ppg FC's/OC's and they are my submition to this club but only one is drawn and one is not my character.

The rowdyruff girls(Older sisters) Made of Rude,Cruel and Attitude.
Weakness :Boy kisses

Break-The red headed leader of the pack.She is witch-like Russian girl with her bow as weapon. The bow has long ribbons that can tie up people and also whip them.
Abilities:Bow whip/tie,Ice breath,Heat vision,
Secret abilitie:Shadow cannon,Russian roulette,Darkrie whip

Brooklen-The raven haired tom-boy of the group.She is the short temperd German one that has her cuffs.Her cuffs can shoot...
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posted by tsukubane
I have two Powerpuff girls doujinshi shabiki characters one named Byte and the other named Bomb. I have some ideas on how to use them but I don't know if it's a good idea. I wanted to use them in an uhuishaji au comic including the Rowdyruff boys. Is that stupid? Should I make up their powers because if I ask Bleedman he probably won't answer. Is that stupid? I'm just going to spam the interwebs with these characters whenever the urge comes and see what happens.

Byte is the main superhero of Greenville. He has a copycat ability which lets him gain a limited amount of powers from anything including...
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