hujambo guys! This is a short makala of mine ranking the liars on who I think may be
A and who I think won't. I won't go way in depth, that will be another time! Alright ready!.....

5. Spencer Hastings- Spencer is the least likeliest to be A. Yes she is extremely smart and manipulative and witty, but she already joined the A team once to impress Mona to be on her side. And besides, there is no proof. She is the most attacked kwa A. However, based on the way Melissa and Mrs. Hastoings are uigizaji and how they want her to stay away from the DiLaurentis's, I think she is the one with the twin.

4.Alison DiLaurentis- - the girl who was accused of being A and betrayed kwa all of her friends. Alison is the biggest liar out of all the girls. And she claims she isn't A. I kinda believe her. I man she has been through a lot. On the other hand, she is Alison; she lies about everything! We still don't know if she is telling the truth. She could be A and her being in jail could be her alibi.

3. Aria Montgomery - Everyone's juu suspect. aria could be A, but I don't think she is. Aria has been attacked kwa A too many times. And remember when she found out Ezra was supposedly A. She was too upset about that and she really believed he was A. If she knew he wasn't, why go cause a big fuss. But however, sometimes Aria not being there when things happen to the girls, and he side looks and maoni do make her look suspicious sometimes.

2. Hanna Marin - Yea I know Hanna is in jail, but jail seems like th repeat alibi to me. And why right when she was about to onyesha the cops the A texts they were all of a sudden deleted. Mona even alisema Hanna acts like she isn't smart to hide. what is Hanna is just getting back at all the lairs for making fun of her. We even see, she got into zaidi colleges than Spencer! What if she hacked the college, something A-like. But if she is A, why would she kill Mona? She was too upset when she found out Mona was killed.

1. Emily Fields- I know wewe all are shocked for this. But I think Emily is A. Emily is the girl no one suspects! Another clue is that all the lairs have alibis as where thy were when Mona was killed. We saw Aria with Ezra, Spence is jail, and Hanna was with Caleb and Ali was with Cyrus. We don't know officially where emily was. And the person who killed Mona had to have been strong. Emily is a active swimmer and is extremely strong. emily isn't attacked kwa A as much at all. Who knows, she probably has henchman ( ahem Paige) working for her. The one who we never suspect is aLWAYS the one who comes out evil on top.