The Queen bees of the show, Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwall both are two of the most complex characters on Pretty Little Liars. Alison is the leader of the infamous group, the Liars, and Mona is a frenemy, and sometimes ally of them. They are both known for not always being to nicest to they friends, au allies in Mona's case, and both are manipulative.I personally upendo them both equally. However, I want to make this makala to slightly distinguish which character is the better one on this onyesha right now. There will be a few categories in which I will pick which girl prevails over the other in. Remember, this is an opinion article!

Which bitch, kahaba will win?

Alison's background is the most familiar. She comes from a twisted family. She has an older brother, Jason, two parents, and recently found out that her sister, Charlotte, who was A, isn't really her biological sister, she is her biological cousin and her deceased mother, Jessica has a sister named Mary Drake. In high school, Alison is the Queen bee, the girl everyone wanted to be, au hook up with. However, under all that popularity, there was jealousy and problems for Alison. She was hated kwa many, including Mona herself, and this eventually lead to her disappearance, because although it was revealed charlotte hit her, her fear of being killed kwa one of her haters scared her even more.

We are not as familiar with Mona'as family background, but it can be assumed that she was raised kwa a single mother. She was teased all her life, especially kwa the Miss Alison DiLaurentis. She did not have many Marafiki au relationships.

Since Alison's background has zaidi mystery and suspense, she wins this round.

Mona is surprisingly very smart. Well, she was the first A. She even thinks she is smarter than Spencer. Mona is very sassy, witty, cool, and after she goes through all her treatment at Radley, she changes and tries to become better. However, she still remains shady. Mona is extremely complex because she can onyesha her dark side when she wants to, but she is interested in having a genuine relationship with the liars. She is always one step ahead of everyone, inaonyesha how much of a genius she is.

Alison's personality has been a major cause of problems throughout the whole onyesha until she changes. Alison is sassy, and previously manipulative and cruel. However, when she changes, she is shown to be headstrong, daring, smart,flirtatious and still sassy. She is shown trying to protect her Marafiki in certain situations, and is shown to be very strong, especially during the trial when she was being accused of murdering a not so dead Mona. During the sekunde half of season 6, she is shown to be strong after hurting herself, and when trying to convince herself that her hallucinations are indeed just hallucinations. However, she is shown to be quite need. It could either be because of all she's been through, au it could just be the nature of her.

For this round, I pick Alison because of how she transcended to an amazing and strong young woman. I upendo her fierce and charismatic personality.

Motives for Their Behavior

Both Alison and Mona have not been the nicest characters. However, there is always a reason for everyone's actions.
Alison didn't have an excuse to be mean to her friends. Her insecurity was not an excuse. She was rude to Spencer because she knew Spencer would be great leader is she were gone. She was rude to hanna just for the sake of being rude, and she knew that Hanna was just as pretty as her. She constantly played with Emily's feelings ( i will never understand Emison shippers). We didn't exactly see her attitude towards Aria so we cant excuse her of that. Point is fro Paige, to Lucas, Alison was rude to others because she felt as if she were better than everyone else, and because she wanted to make herself feel better while putting others down.

Mona behaved the way she did due to her life being a living hell everyday.She was eventually shut out kwa her own best friend, Hanna, and became A because of that. She was shut out constantly for no reason at all besides this. I for one know what it is like to be shut out that way. A teenage girl NEVER forgets the hardships she has been through. However, Mona's sad life and losing Hanna doesn't give her an excuse to torture the girls for no reason. She ran her over with a car! Some friendship. However, she did end up having mental illness.

This was very hard to choose from, but I pick Mona; Alison had no right whatsoever to bully others for no reason, and although I do not tolerate Mona's behavior, she has zaidi of an excuse than Alison.

Mona's main storyline ended with one for he biggest reveals, her being A. She also had interesting storylines with her becoming close to the girls, her rekindling her relationship with Hanna, and her upendo story with Mike, which may have sadly ended. Besides this, mona is always the one finding out big clues to help the girls solve mysteries.
One of the biggest shockers of Mona's storylines was when she died in the season 5 summer finale, but then was revelaed to be alive and was being held captive in A's dollhouse. It was also revealed that she was, in fact on the girls's side, and helped to take down A with them, and she was there when A was revealed.
Alison's storyline was and is the center of the whole show. She was the dead girl who had mysteriously gone missing, and it was up to her Marafiki to find her. Then she was found, and she still had to figure out whom the sekunde A was. Alison was also revealed to be alive, and red coat, which was a huge turning point for the girls. A! the whole reason why there is an A is because of Ali.
Now we recently found out that Alison has a aunt kwa the name of Mary Drake, the twin of her mother. Unbeknownst to her, we also found out that her husband, Dr. Rollins is not all he is made out to be, and is secretly working with Mary Drake. Alison has also had any upendo interests and stories that kept us at the edges of our seats. Emison! Her and Noel, her and Wilden, Ian, and Holbrook.

Mona wins this round because although Alison's storyline centers the whole show, Mona's storylines are slightly zaidi interesting.

Relationships with Others

Both Alison and Mona have interesting relationships with the characters in the show.For this round, it was very hard to pic, so I almost didnt at all.

I upendo Ali's relationship with the liars. The competitivness shown with Spencer, the compatible one with aria, the romantic and close one with Emily, and the relationship she has with Hanna thats makes Hanna slightly uncomfortable LOL. I also upendo when she is seen with her former bullying victims, such as Lucas Paige, and Caleb, although she didnt bully him as much.

i also upendo Monas relationship with the liars and other characters, She always has very and tension with them, along with other characters. how the other characters act around her are fun to watch as well.

However, I personally upendo watching Ali interact with the characters on the show, especially the liars, so I have to give this round to Ali.

Mona is the epitome of acceptance.Most of Mona's struggles have been with acceptance, and revenge. Mona has gone through so much, with Ali's bullying, and not being accepted because of the liars. This drives her to become A, and do crazy things. However, she changes and tries to become a better person. Her mental illness may not be as relatable, but her sassy character is relatable because we all have that inner spark and fierceness in us.

Alison's story of the bad girl reformed can be relatable to many. I know that I regret some things I have done to people, and I am sure that we all act manipulative and mean to others to feel better about ourselves, as Ali did.

Mona is the winner of this category because she is slightly zaidi relatable than Ali. Many of us are insecure and strive for acceptance, like Mona.


Well this didn't turn out as expected. Both are winers! Maybe I should have done seven rounds for a tiebreaker.Alison and Mona are both such complex female characters who are rarely seen on TV these days. Hope wewe enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!