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mashabiki wanachagua: All of them!
All of them!
Purple Rain
mashabiki wanachagua: prince
mashabiki wanachagua: Both
mashabiki wanachagua: Sexy MF
mashabiki wanachagua: New age health secrets.
New age health secrets.
he&# 39; s naturally perfect
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Prince Makala

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Prince Viungo

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Prince ukuta

howie75 alisema …
LIVE CHARITY AUCTION ON Ebay for a picha of Prince Signed kwa Celebrity Photographer Dave Hogan
tafuta on Ebay for Hogiesheroesuk ilitumwa siku 2 zilizopita
Ivvi alisema …
Petition for Prince Statue: give your consent and sign online!
There is a petition to replace the Columbus Statue with a Prince Statue in Minneapolis. Prince represents the values Minnesotans carry, Columbus doesn´t.
Please give your support and sign the petition for the Prince Statue. The petition is available under the following link:

Thank U very much. ilitumwa miezi 5 iliyopita
Princelover1fan alisema …
Prince!!!WHY?!!!!!RIP!! Let the purple rain rain on wewe in heaven as a sign from everyone who loves wewe and misses you!!!Let the doves sing.I will miss wewe always and I never even got to see wewe up close in person.DANG wewe FENTANYL(the drug that killed you)!!! I miss wewe and always will!! I just wish wewe are still alive.The siku I heard wewe died I was really devastated because it was really devastating news of course!! But don't worry because I'm still your shabiki and I will still play your music!! ilitumwa miezi 8 iliyopita