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posted by CaliStar_UP
Hi my name is fawn Tatum and I live in Los Angeles, California! I also attend a private school called The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California (LA district) Lately Buckley has turned into a maarufu school kwa 2 new students and I'm sure wewe know who they are! Okay I don't have a personal story with Prince and Paris, like some of these posers that I have read about on here, but I have seen them around school and I wanted to clear some things up! Prince is in the 8TH GRADE not the 6th au 7th, like a girl ilitumwa earlier! Paris is in the 7TH GRADE, some of wewe who actually might know all the...
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posted by princechick

(Anna's Point Of View)

I kept on talking to Michael. I actually still had a little crush on him though. I guess I was on the phone a long time because Sasha came downstairs. "Are wewe going to stay on the phone all night?" She asked. I nodded. "I have to go Michael. Bye!" I said. "Bye." He said. I hung up the phone and sighed. I followed Sasha back upstairs. Paris was waiting. Me and Sasha sat on the bed. I picked up a pail green colored nail polish bottle. Paris picked out a sparkly navy blue. Sasha picked out a soft violet. We all painted each other's nails. Mine looked really nice. So...
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posted by TwinsTwin
- He loves Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.
- His inayopendelewa gum is 5gum and Trident.
- His inayopendelewa sport is basketball.
- He wants to produce horror movies.
- He is a beast when it comes to playing basketball.
- He is ironic and sarcastic.
- He likes Eminem.
- He is a very funny guy at school and with his cousins.
- He dates Niki Berger.
- He hates grey days.
- He hates being bored.
- He likes to confuse people.
- He thinks TV is boring.
- He didn't like his new haircut. (The one with the ridiculous bangs)
- He hits Paris.
- He likes using quotes.
- He sometimes thinks he can control people.
- He hates scallop...
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posted by bigmanguy
May 1, 2010
We are taking a trip to Florida to visit family and friends. We were getting ready to leave to catch our flight and I was packing my suitcase. I shut the door behind me and went downstairs to get in the car. When I got inside the car, Blanket was arguing with dad about putting in a movie in the dvd player. Dad alisema it's only a fifeteen dakika ride to the airport so there is no sense in starting a movie. Blanket replied sayig, "I want to watch the Spongebob Squarepants movie". Dad gave in and gave him the movie. When we got to the airport, Blanket was whinning because he didn't get...
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posted by lovepink
I could hear the weakness and vulnerability in Elle's voice, and that shattered my heart. She started to walk out of the room, almost in tears. I ran after, quickely catching up to her.
"Elle!" I alisema grabbing her wrist and pulling her back towawrds me.
"Just leave me alone, Prince." I heard her sniffle a little, but didn't let go. Elle's head was turned in the opposite direction, avoiding my gaze.
"No! Goddamnit, Elle! Can't wewe just trust me for two minutes?"
"Trust wewe with what?" She replied.
"I will never hurt, blame, not trust, au not upendo you. No matter what. Fifty years...
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posted by PrInCeMjFaN
Paris Point Of View-

I went outside where Prince was sitting in the front.


"What"I started to walk toward him. I tried to look at him ,but he looked away and whiped his face with his arm.Was he crying?

"Prince, wewe really like Ali huh?"

"Yeah, but know I don't"Ugh he doesn't even know what's going on and he's still talking all this stuff.

"It wasn't Ali's fault.Jaffar kissed her she was trying to get her off."


"Do i have to repeat my self? I alisema SHE WAS TR..."

"No I herd you"

"Then why do wewe look so confused?"

"Because, I'm trying to figure out why he kissed her in the first place."...
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posted by lovepink
I ran to my room after I hung up. I had to freshen up for Prince.(: I grabbed a sundress and put some finishing touches on my hair. I couldn't wait to see him! The doorbell rang. I sprinted down the hall.
"I GOT IT!" I yelled excitedely.
"Alright?" Dad said.
"Hey!" I alisema a little out of breath as I greeted Prince. He got a little dressed up, too, wearing what he knew was my sekunde inayopendelewa hoodie and shoes.
"Hi!" He alisema hugging me. "You look great! Heres your phone. wewe left it on the bedside table." He responded, handing me my cellphone.
"Thanks! wewe wanna come in?" I alisema blushing a bit....
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posted by AJackson1317
the inayofuata siku it wasr really hot me and Paris were up first as soon as we got dressed we went down and made our own breakfast then got into our swimsuits and we relaxed on lilos and talked until Jaffar and Prince sneaked into the pool and turned the lilos upside down

"Jaffar Prince" Paris screamed

"what" Jaffar said

"why did wewe tip us over"
they soon started to run paris ran after JAffar and i ran after Prince i chased him into the celleri had him trapped it was dark until the i turned the lights soon i walked slowly over to him and looked deeply into his eyes they are something to get Lost in...
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( scene inside uigizaji class)
Teacher: Now Prince i want wewe to pair up with Julie and re create a famous uigizaji pice ok?
Prince: Ok
Julie: Sounds fun
( Prince and Julie re create a Shakespear play)
Teacher: that was Fantastic Good Teamwork guys i like that
Prince: That was really good uigizaji Julie
Julie: Thanks but wewe were way better than me
Prince: Yeah right
Julie: no serious wewe were awsome ever thought about becoming an actor when wewe grow up?
Prince: Nar i want to become a prouducer
Julie: well if wewe become one ill be the first to see your movie
Prince: Thanks
Teacher: well that was a great...
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posted by pmjlover1997
it was a sunny siku and i just had a argument with
my mum because she didn't like my relationship
with Michael.i was drinking some vodka and looking at pictures of me and my mum. i didn't
notice Michael's car driving up the drive way.
''oh no'' i said. i quickly ran and hide the vodka in the cupboard. i got some bubble gum so
Michael wouldn't smell my vodka breath. ''hey
honey i'm home'' he alisema ''hey sweetie'' i said
''how was your day'' he asked,kindly i almost
burst into tears because i didn't want to tell him the bad news. ''i had an unpleasent talk
with my mum today because she dislike's you.''...
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posted by lovepink
As the days went kwa and we were closer to Friday, I became zaidi and zaidi nervous about the prank. I really didn't want to do this. I needed to talk to Paris about changing the plans. I pulled her aside when everyone was asleep one night to tell her.
"Listen, Paris. I really don't want to fake the seizure. I mean what if Prince gets scared and calls 911? It's too risky and I don't want him to be pissed at me."
"Yeah, I was getting worried too. But we should still pull a prank on them just something more... classic." She said.
"Yes! We should TP their rooms and draw on their faces!" I alisema feeling...
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posted by bigmanguy
it's me 12251 someone got into my Facebook and got rid of it so now i can't login as 12251 anymore.

october 1 2003, dad took us all to the docter's for a checkup. when it was my turn dad alisema " could wewe check and see if she has a.d.h.d. because i think she does". when the docter tested me for a.d.h.d my dad was right. the docter gave me some meds to take nyumbani with me. the meds don't help very much, i'm still super hyper.

oct 20, dad was talking on the phone with a guy named martin bashir. dad said" o.k martin i trust wewe i'll do it, just don't make me look bad". dad hung up the phone and i walked...
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posted by Bieber-Jackson
*Next day*
"First night in our house" I whispered
"I know" Prince said
I got up and got dressed
"Audition flight get up" I alisema shaking Prince
"Ok ok" Prince said
"I wanna stay here with you" Prince alisema pulling me down into his lap
"I want wewe to stay here too but wewe have an audition" I said
"I can miss it your zaidi important" Prince said
"Aw but no unless we want to lose our house" I said
Prince kissed me
"I upendo you" I said
"I upendo wewe more" Prince said
"Nope not possible" I said
"Yes it is" He said
I jumped up juu of him
"No its not" I alisema giggling
"Ok its not" Prince alisema kissing me
Prince got up and...
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posted by princelvr123
"Jaafar!" I heard Hannah scream. I hate it when Prince is really close and calls asking me where I'm at and then when he hangs up on me he runs to where ever I'm at!

"Nicole! Get your punda over here!" Hannah yelled at me. I skated over to them.

"Hey Nicole." Prince hugged me. I hugged him right back.

"Oooh!" Hannah and Jaafar alisema together. I hit Jaafar and Prince hit Hannah.

"I left my skater men!" Hannah exclaimed. She ran to the group. She told them something and brought back Tony.

"Yo dude! Youre Michael Jackson's son!" Tony pointed to Prince.

"Why yes, yes I am." Prince smiled. A couple big...
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October 8th, 2011
[Prcsilla's POV]
Today Prince, Paris, Blanket, and Me were heading to our father's tribute right now and I know that wherever our dad is, that he will be watching us.
Paris is wearing the 'Thriller' koti, jacket with a ukanda and black pants with tape on her fingers. I'm wearing the original Disney's Captain EO koti, jacket with white skinny jeans, white finger-less gloves and tape on the fingers of both hands. Blanket was wearing the tux our father wore during the Dangerous Era, Prince is wearing a black leather jacket. Right now, as I'm telling wewe this I'm backstage about to go on and...
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posted by bigmanguy
July 20, 2009. When I woke up this morning I went on my Twitter account for the time since I made it. I was shocked, it has only been four days and I already have 80,000 followers. I called Uncle Frank and alisema “you are not going to believe this”. He alisema “what is going on, did something happen”? I alisema “yay a very BIG something”. He alisema “what”. I alisema ‘’ I already have over 80,000 followers on Twitter, and I’m watching the numbers go up as we speak”!!! He alisema “oh my god, I’m coming over there”. About 15 dakika later Uncle Frank was over here. I showed him my...
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(Nicole's POV)

I'm sure Kansas will try anything even if Prince was in here. I only have one kitanda and i dont want Prince sleeping on the floor, so he gets to sleep kwa me.

"Good night." I said. I was feeling alittle uncomfrotabe with Prince in his boxers. But i think i can deal.

(Kansas' POV)

"What did she say?" I was really excited. If she did mean she wanted me to come over then i will be there!

"She wants wewe to go to her house and sleep with her." Tom answered. I have to thank Kylie for hiring this kid to take her spot while she's in the hospital. I wonder what Nicole is wearing right now? I'll...
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posted by Jackson-Bieber
Prince's POV:

Good Thing I Installed A Tracking Device On Carlee's Phone. I'm Not A Stalker, I Just Want To Make Sure She's Safe. I'm Like A Damn Bodyguard.

Ever Since I Met Carlee, I've Wanted Her In My Life. Don't Think I'm Some Strange, Horomone-Crazed Teenage Kid Here, I'm A Teenage Kid Who Is In Total Love.

I'd Be Wherever Carlee Was In About 2 Minutes. I Can't Believe Her. A Boyfriend? Blah.

I Pulled Into Someone's Drive & Parked. I Ran Up To The Door & Banged On It Until My Knuckles Were Almost Bleeding. A Guy Who Looked To Be About 20 Answered The Door, Looking Totally Out...
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posted by bigmanguy
December 15, 2009, today is my 1st VIP shabiki experience and I can’t wait to meet some of my mashabiki backstage. I left the stage after the tamasha and went backstage to wait for them. I was listening to my ipod when the staff let a group of girls in and there was a 4 mwaka old boy with his father. I didn’t notice them because I scrolling through my songs. Uncle Frank said” hujambo A.J, out with the ear buds wewe have visitors. I pulled them out and said” sorry about that guys”. I said” wewe can come over and sit inayofuata to me”. The three girls sat on the kitanda with me and the little boy said”...
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posted by bigmanguy
 Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts
January 1, 2010, when I woke up I looked in the mirror and noticed that my hair color is getting lighter as I get older. Were in my tour bus on our way to New York City and I sat down on the couch. I said” Uncle Frank I think my hair is turning blond”. He said” your mother is blond”. I said” dad never really talked about her that much”. He put his arm around me and said” she is no one worth talking about”. I took a sip of my Gatorade and said” who is she”? He quickly changed the subject saying” aren’t wewe going to play the Xbox”!!! I said” come on just tell me already,...
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