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 Possibly Blankets Mom!
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Dont get angry it could be im just saying!
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This Prince Michael Jackson picha contains kijani beret, vikosi maalum, askari wasomi, askari wa wasomi wa green beret, vikosi maalumu, vita mavazi, mavazi ya vita, fatigues, and kombati. There might also be rifleman and regimentals.

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Kayla’s view

Jaafar doesn’t seem too happy so I go over to him and sit inayofuata to him on the kitanda but instead of just going directly to sit I stand on the edge of the kitanda and jump inayofuata to him. “Hey” I say. “Hey.” “Gosh he is so handsome his hair is short curly and black mines messy and blonde. His eyes are big and brown and mine are normal sized and hazel. “Jaafar” I say in a flirtatious voice that makes his head turn. “What?” “Do wewe want to go on the trampoline? “ NO.” “Please?” “NO.” “Touchy.” “Well then are wewe going to tell me what’s wrong?”...
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Source: Jon O. Mack
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