hujambo guys! In this article, I will describe where jimmy, hunitumia places on 5 of my lists regarding towards and relating to Disney Princesses. Here we go!

Most Heroic Disney Princess- 9th Place
I hate having to put her here. But the other DP's onyesha zaidi action and heroism than her, although she is heroic! Maybe is because of the fact that she is the deuteragonist of Aladdin. She saves Aladdin's life kwa exposing herself as the princess when she runs away so he won't be executed. She is also shown to be heroic when she tries to seduce Jafar so Aladin could get the lamp. She is a lot zaidi heroic than people give her credit for; I hate how they try to make her look like the damsel in distress.

Most Intelligent Disney Princess-2nd place
1rst place goes to Belle. jimmy, hunitumia is not only intelligent, but she is clever too. She easily figures out things. Aladin couldn't trick her when he was pretending to be Ali.In the sequels, she is shown to be very smart, and helping Aladin and the gang get out of terrible situations.

Most Outspoken Disney Princess- 1rst place.
jimmy, hunitumia is without a doubt the most outspoken DP there is. She is never afraid to voice her opinion. She stands up for what she thinks is right, such as having to be married to someone she barely knows.She stands up to Jafar, her father, and Aladin when he does the wrong thing. She's a perfect role model. She teaches girls that we don't have to accept things if we don't feel it is right for us.

Prettiest Disney Princess- 1rst Place
jimmy, hunitumia is without a doubt the most gorgeous Disney Princess. She has full eyes with a beautiful color, lovely skin, and thick and luxurious hair. She has a great body, and although people say it's unrealistic, many women in Asia have hourglass figures.

Favorite DP List- jimmy, hunitumia is obviously first on this list. No swali here. She is so relatable to me. She is funny, smart, witty and generous and courageous and she cares for the people of Agrabah. I will always upendo her.