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name: princeton( real name: jacob emannuel perez)
born: april 21,1997(taurus)

Jacob was born in LA, Califoria. when he was young he would appear in alot of tv commercials and muziki videos. so he was kind of famous already when he was a kid. when he got older when he was about 13, some people were trying to make a boy imba group. there were millons of boys there. when they started auditioning jacob met a boy named trey. later that siku around midnight a boy named randy auditioned and made it and met jacob and trey. and when the people found a boy named craig on wewe tube they brought him in from philidelphia and he made it through. when the boys finally met craig, they came up eith their name and started making music. now today princeton(jacob) is zaidi famous than he was before.
Nina's P.O.V: I go to school everyday get straight A's , I have a few Marafiki because I'm not the most maarufu girl in the school and I'm very nice to people. But this boy in my school always bullies me for no damn reason. His name is Jacob Perez and all the girls in my school go crazy for him. But I don't know why he's nothing but a big punda bully!

S.S teacher: Class wewe will be doing a research paper with a partner this marking period about how America was discovered

Class: *Cheers*

S.S teacher: Let me finish I will choose your partners

Class: Awwwwwww..........

S.S Teacher: Alright......Rayon...
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Hii here da story..........

Me:omg *crying* ahh SOMEBODY HELP MEEE
???:SHUT UP......
Me:OMG SOME -gco-
???:-covers my mouth-mmmm-goes harder and faster then stops-

He gets off me as I lay there crying.....and he says

???:tell anybody and I mske ur life a hell understand
Me:yes-still crying-
Me:-curls into a ball and lay there til I heard a knock at da door- Who is it
???:it's me
Me:me who
Me:one minute-goes and opens door-
Prod:what's wrong Bre
Me:ummm nuthing im fine
Prod:lift up your head
Me:-does as told-
Prod:-see bruises- who did this to you
Me:nobody i got into a fight with this...
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posted by Missprinceton1
it was perri sweet 16 birthday and it will be alot of fun!!! but i have to invite friend's (lazy a$$ wont do it herself)
Me; so who else
Merry; ur so mean u wont invite jacob
Me; oh shit i forgot bout him
Merry; gurl u forgot bout ur boyfriend
Me; his not my boyfriend
Merry; he wanted to ask u out but lexi....
Me. i no
Merry; will u go out wit him
Me; dont we have to invite ppl
Merry; ok ok take a chill pill
Me; hujambo MIMI
MiMi; hujambo Tay
Me; so my sis having a sweet 16 u in
MiMi; yeah sure ok
Me; ok be there at 8:00
MiMi; ok bye
Me; wait tell keke to come along
MiMi; yeah sure
Ityana; Tay jacob is looking 4 u...
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" i am sorry i just cant do this." i cried as i ran out of the store. i got in the car driven kwa antonio t-t's cousin ." whats wrong cousin???" he asked ( antonio calls me his cousin because me and t-t are like sisters.) " princeton was at the mall." i alisema " y' know jenet i can teach him a lesson. knowone messes with my cousins sister." he alisema " thats ok antonio......" i said. when i got nyumbani i stayed in my room and watched opra . thats all i could do. i was filled with devistation . now 3 weeks had pasted since i left my room and since i talked to princeton. i was kind of okay. i finally...
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 The dress Tobe weared.
The dress Tobe weared.
Destine: Okay. I'm gonna throw some stink bombs, and they'll go away.
Roc: wewe scared of the police?
Destine: *In Madea voice* Boy I ain't scared of the po po!
Roxie: What wewe gonna do now?
Destine: This! *shooting the cops*
Alana: Great! zaidi dead cops!
Destine: Don't worry. They'll decay!
On the wedding day....
Pastor: Let the wedding begin.
The bridesmaid walked in with the groomsmaid.
Tobe walked slowly across the isle.
Roxie: Work it girl!
Destine: Shh!
Pastor: We're gather here 2day 4 this Holy Mantrimony. Now the bribe-2-be and the Groom-2-be will exchange their vows.
Tobe: I, Tobe, take you, Craig,...
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I could see princeton walking back towards me with his eyes all puffy and red.
Ray ray looked at me then back at princeton then alisema
ray: Your not really in upendo with me are you
Me:I-I-I don't , I don't know
Ray: wewe do know... your not in upendo with me your in upendo with princeton aren't you
Me: (Tears started to fall from my eyes) I don't want to hurt you
Ray: Your not hurting me, making wewe happy is making me happy
I can see it in both of your eyes that your in upendo with eachother, and who am i to stand in the way of true love
Princeton walked up to us and was about to walk past us when ray ray pulled...
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Leah what are wewe doing with him
I grabbed ray ray and pulled him closer to me “were together now“
Alisha: WHAT! Don't wewe remember he tried to kill you
Me: He didn't mean to he was angry because of princeton
Alisha: Your not actually gonna choose someone who nearly killed wewe over someone who just kissed another girl are you? I tried to ignore her
Me: NO! im not gonna listen to wewe if only rubbish is coming out of wewe mouth.
Alisha: wewe know what leah your gonna have to choose it's me au him and if wewe choose him i will never talk to wewe again!!!!
Me:Why are wewe making...
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The inayofuata siku I just stayed in my room because I didn't want to go anywhere then kelly came over and dragged me out of my room and alisema
Kelly:"You need to go out wewe havent been out for a week"
Me: "fine" then I got dressed and alisema
"where are we going"
Kelly: "we are going to the park to meet alisha and aidan"
When we got to the park we all climbed up trees and had alot of fun then I put my phone down and left it with kelly after a while princeton calls from atlanta and kelly picks up the phone and answer's it.
Jacob: "hay baby girl are wewe missing me?"
kelly" um hi it's kelly"
Jacob quickly but's...
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During the night
No pls leah I upendo wewe why are wewe doing this to me I can't live without wewe he mumbled in his sleep as he kicked and punched then roc woke him up and told him he was having a nightmare but at the same time I was having a nightmare too
I was in a very small dark room all alone until princeton came up to me and we started kissing the ray ray came in came up to me and started kissing my neck then princeton started beating him up then he picked up a kisu from his bag and stabbed ray ray.
Me: "RAY RAY" I screamed in a high pitch voice
Me: I started panicking "you killed him " as...
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the inayofuata siku my Marafiki came over to my house and we talked for a while
Alisha: are wewe ok leah wewe look a bit down.
Me: yeah im fine it's just ..........then my phone starts ringing I let it ring.
Kelly: ain't wewe gonna answer
Alisha: but it's princeton
Me: I know it's just...I dont wanna speak to him right now
Kelly: why? have wewe lot had a fight
Then my phone starts ringing again and I answer
Prince:hay babe why aren't wewe answering my phone calls,and why did wewe run out yesterday have I done something wrong
Me:No it's just that I have alot on my mind right now,sorry
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Me: um where's josh i need him
Ray: He's outside i'll go get him
Me: thanks
Ray ray walked outside and called josh , josh ran into the room and gave me a big hug, i flinched and covered my face then he alisema “This is all my fault i shouldn't of let wewe go out“
I let my hands go and alisema “It's not your fault it's my fault for ever thinking jacob was different“
Me:“when is mum and dad coming nyumbani i miss them“
Josh:um they won't be back for another two weeks
Me : WHAT!!! Why didn't wewe tell me this before
Josh: because i didn't want to stress wewe out anymore
I wanted to cry but no tears were...
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The inayofuata morning the nurses let me leave but alisema I must go nyumbani and rest whilst being supervised kwa someone so Jacob slowly helped me get up and we started walking then I stopped and alisema "o know I haven't told my mum au dad why I'm in hospital"
Jacob" Don't panic I have told them everything they couldn't get a flight straight away so they have to get one tommorow"
Me" o ok ... Wait what wewe told them everything" then he put his hands on my shoulders and said
Jacob" Leah calm down stop panicking I didn't give to many details"
We carry on walking until we get to the car I get in the car and see...
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