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posted by 1girl822
With thier debut album, Mindless Behavior searched for thier #1 girl. They are now taking thier mashabiki to new heights with thier sophomore effort, All Around The World.

But Before they embark on thier journey , we wanted to find out thier ideas that would be a perfect first date.

Roc Royal: " The best place for a tarehe is the beach. wewe take her to a chajio, chakula cha jioni and a walk on the beach."

Princeton: " I got an idea from my uncle Nacho. I would take her to a vintage album store. She would pick her muziki that's she want to listen to, and I would pick something I would pick something that I want her to hear."

Prodigy: " I would plan an entire day. First we would go to Sea World in Florida and ride the dolphins. Then we would have lunch. After that we would hit up on Disney World and just chill. Then we would just talk and get to know each other."

ray Ray: "If I had time to plan, I would take my tarehe to Belize. I upendo the island vibe."

There wewe have it. Mindless Behavior have thier mindless dating places for thier #1 girl.
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Roc: What was that all about bae?(he whispers)
Jenna:Nuun just a mix up about somin.
Roc: Awhl was it about me?
Jenna: H** Nawh,you know nun could brake us up.
Roc: I know
Mindless Behavior Manager: We almost to Washington.
Jenna::Thats my time.
Roc: WTF are u talkin bout?
Jenna:I'm about to change clothes knuckle head!
(A few dakika passed and Jenna came back out and everybody gasped,She had on some ripped light blue booty shorts with a half shati that was a cream color with a lot of poof on it with some big cream poof boots.and a cream bandana)
Roc: D**** u lookin sexxi as H** and that belly button peircing sexy wit ya color to.
Ray: Ay prince can i hit that?
Prince:H** no!!! wth wrong wit u thatz my sister!
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(a girl named cece and princeton are Marafiki but they start to develope feelings for each other)
cece:(phone rings)hello?
cece:wat's up
prince:nun i cant study because my mom and dad are arguing and it's driving me crazy!
cece:u wanna study here
prince:can i
cece:of course my mom's at work im kwa myself anyway
prince:cool i'll be over there in 5 minutes
(5 dakika later prince rings the door-bell)
prince:wat's up(walks in the house)
cece: u can sit on the couch
cece:mhm u want something to drink
prince:what do u have
prince:(cuts her off) wat about water
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posted by J_Z_Daily
Crystal P.O.V


Door slams open, letting in a lot of light, and a loud Bang. I squinted my eyes and tried to see what dum-dum would do that instead of just tapping my shoulder and say"Good Morning!". to find out it was brother...James

"GET UP, ITS 6:10 A.M! ", he shouted then paused "HEY DID wewe NOT JUST HEAR ME, I alisema GET UP NOW!!!" he screamed even louder almost blowing my ear drums.

I planted my head on the kitanda board and counted to 10.....and then took a deep breath the shouted"I HEARD wewe SO STOP YELLING AT ME BEFORE I BODY SLAM wewe TO THE FLOOR AND ngumi, punch wewe T'ILL YOUR LIGHTS...
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I hope wewe upendo this video & please put maoni & please no bad maoni & thank wewe & have a nice day!!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
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the omg girlz
mar 4 2013
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posted by awesomegirl101

Lele:(opens the door)Jacob!!!
Jacob:(kisses her hand) wewe look beautiful tonight.
Loni:(runs downstairs) omg it's Princeton from mindless behavior!!!!im loni her older sister!!!!! can call me Jacob.
Lele:ok well we gotta go now.bye loni!!!(walks out the door)
Lele and prince take a limo to a fansy restaurant.
Prince:you want me to orde for you??
Lele:sure. Ill just have a soda.
Prince: c'mon lele this is a fansy place, feel free to spend sum money.
Lele:ok then I'll have uh.....strawberry smoothie
Prince:that's better.😌😌
The waiter walks over to the...
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posted by awesomegirl101
 LeLe Bars
LeLe Bars
#meeting MB

Srry it's been a while. I've been busy.
these r the characters-
Roc royal-16

Here it goes-

Drenwood highschool-
The classroom was crazy! People running around and yelling extra loud!
The subsitute teacher was scard hiding under the desk.
Lil jimmy:(looked out the window) hujambo y'all it's the princeapal!
The whole class went quiet.
The princeapal walked in.
Princeapal;(looks at the class then the teacher on the floor) ok class this is Jacob Perez a new student. wewe may know him as Princeton in that hip...
continue reading... i go nyumbani salama and sound open the door and youll never believe what happened.....there was blood and notes everywhere

Note:Go up to the room open the door and youll find a BIG surprise on your bed

--------->On the Bed<---------
Lengerie..........Red pumps..........roses all over the bed..........and a condom!!

Me:what is this
??:your dream
Me:who r u and what u want
??:talk to me like u got good sence
Me:stfu get out for i woop that ass
??:Wtf u just say to me
Me:I alisema GET TF OU---(gco)
??:-punches me in the throat-
Me:-falls trying to scream but can't-
??:now i want u to put on that Lengerie...
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posted by ajmindless
Prince:so we gon do it
Jess:hmmmmmmmmmm nooo
Prince:(pushes 2 fingers in her) how bout now
Prince:(fingers her faster) now?
Jess:(moans) babe hit me hard
Prince:(removes the fingers and locks the bathroom door) thats right
Jess:eat me out babe
Prince:my pleasure (eats her pussy)
Jess:(moans and strokes his afro)
Prince:(stops) hmmm babe stop
Jess:why? thats ur sweet spot
Jess::(stops) okay baby
Prince:(caries her out of the tub) any condoms
Jess:top draw to the left
Prince:(gets two condoms and they put em on)
Jess:safe sex i luv your type
Prince:I always knew that
Jess:now put that dick...
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posted by ajmindless
Ok so Jess does the routine perfectly and the guys perform perfeclty too
So after the performance the hang out at their secret hangout

Prince:that was awesome babe
Jess:aww thanks u weren't too bad yourself
Ray:yo um what time is it
Prod:its like 3:35
Jess:oh shit I gotta go
Prince:(pullls on her arm) no babe don't go ill miss u
Jess:I gotta go pick up my sis then I gotta go nyumbani cuz my mom will be back tomorrow
Prince:ok babe kiss?
Jess:(kisses him) bye guys
Roc:ltr say hi to my baby for me
Jess:(from outside)why don't wewe just call her fooll

So she gets to kims house and sees...
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