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This Princeton (Mindless Behavior) picha might contain sebuleni, ameketi chumba, mbele ya chumba, chumba, kukaa chumba, chumba mbele, parlor, chumba familia, familia chumba, chumba cha kuchorea, and chumba kuchora.

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Gina' s house......
Gina: *reads text message*
Message: *from Prince* Heyyyyyy Gina!
Gina: Ugh!
Ashley: It's that your boo texting you?
Gina: No! It's not!
Kim: *snatching her phone* says Prince right there *pointing at her phone*
Gina: *snatching phone away* Shut the fudge up, Kim!
Kim: wewe can suck my...
Apple: *interrupting* Stop! I dont want 2 hear y'all use bad language!
Gina: Applehead! We dont care!
Ashley: Stop being such a goodie 2 shoes!
Apple: wewe cant tell me what 2 do! *running home*
Ashley: Wow.....
Gina: Let me just text this fool! *texting* hujambo Afro Prince!
*sending text*
Prince: *message*...
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I hope wewe upendo this video & please put maoni & please no bad maoni & thank wewe & have a nice day!!!!!!
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