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follow me if u want zaidi
Mindless Behavior
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This Prodigy (Mindless Behavior) picha might contain miwani, giza glasi, vivuli, and miwani ya giza.

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Prodigy is so sweet upendo him so much he my baby he is growing up so fast but im only 13 but i know they still growing up so fast he so nice and sweet that is why i upendo him for him cause if wewe don`t likehim for him then something is wrong with you
but prodigy when wewe read this plzzz maoni on it cause i upendo wewe and i know other girls do to i heard mb are going to be on 106 and park on tuesday and if your going to watch it maoni on it and i`ll add wewe as a shabiki ok and ill send shout out to wewe guys all the time ok like i do in my stories but prodigy i upendo wewe so much your so nice so remember...
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