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NewFest posted on May 22, 2008 at 02:19PM
We'd like to make your group aware of films screening at NewFest 2008: The 20th Anniversary New York LGBT Film Festival, June 5-15. Below is a film that your group might be interested in viewing.

-Eleven Minutes
Directed By: Michael Selditch,
Rob Tate

It all comes down to eleven minutes – the length of time for a runway show during Fashion Week in Bryant Park. Jay McCarroll’s been working toward those critical eleven minutes for a year, and Michael Selditch and Rob Tate have been granted an all-access pass to follow the designer as he prepares for the introduction of his first line of clothing. After winning the first season of the über-popular Project Runway, and being declared “the next great American designer,” Jay has a lot riding on this show, and on selling his line afterwards. Eleven Minutes is an always gripping, often quite humorous exploration of the world of fashion, where art must co-exist with business, and where you’re only as good as your last design.

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