In the Season 3 premiere, Prue first displayed martial arts skills on-screen while battling a court room full of demonically-possessed humans.

Prue displayed advanced fighting skills in "Primrose Empath"In "Primrose Empath", she had her first battle with a demon without using her powers and performed highly skilled martial art feats due to her temporarily acquired empathic powers. Although Prue's martial arts skills were a talent introduced earlier on in the beginning of Season 3, their progression as the season went on garnered speculation on how her skills became slightly superior to the martial arts skills of Phoebe, who kwa then had zaidi than two years of training, in such a short period of time. Another skill of Prue's that the series never revealed was how she acquired au mastered her gunslinger techniques.

Prue also seemed to have magical troubles, even with non-magical beings. She was kidnapped kwa former gangster Bane Jessup, to help him fend off against the Ordo Malorum. On another occasion, Prue started having recurring dreams of a dangerous man named T.J. that hung out in a nearby bar, without knowing that her astral form was being used kwa her repressed emotions to get away from her responsibilities. After a murder outside the bar was blamed on Prue, the police started to look for her. At Piper and Leo's wedding, the police came after Prue, and T.J. crashed the wedding on a motorcycle to rescue her. Phoebe talked Prue into getting herself together and Darryl, Leo and Cole found the real killer.

As if those other troubles weren't enough, Prue was affected kwa some of her sisters' own spells, which caused her to be transformed. Once, when Phoebe started to get hot flashes linked to visions of men being killed, the sisters learned that a Succubus was hunting in San Francisco. They cast a spell to attract the Succubus, which turned Prue into a man ("Manny Hanks"). Prue was then able to lure the Succubus to her doom. Also, when the sisters discovered a Banshee demon was killing people who were grieving, they cast a spell to track the Banshee, which ended up turning Prue into a dog.

Even after her death, Prue continues to be the "Superwitch" against whom Paige especially feels that she must compete, and Piper feels she must live up to.