I just realized something. wewe know the episode 'A Very Juliet Episode"? The one where Jules sees her college sweetheart Scott?
Well remember the part where they had to find the bullet in the spruce tree? Since 5 years had passed since the bullet was fired the mti grew, and so the bullet got farther from the ground. kwa actually, trees don't grow like humans au flowers. As a human grows, their legs get longer, thus making them taller. But trees grow from the top, so it's as if their heads get longer throughout their lifespan. So a knot au a branch in the middle of the mti would be in the same place it was years ago. I know, because I've heard it in Science class (yes, I DO pay attention) and there's a nail in the mti in my yard that's been there since I moved here 12 years ago. So Shawn shouldn't have had to climb up the tree, the bullet should have been were it landed years ago.
One zaidi thing. When Shawn runs out and hops on the motorcycle he justs jerks the handles and it starts up. But don't motorcycles have keys? I'm not so sure about this one because I don't know too much about machinery. But still...
Anyway, if I'm wrong please tell me. I still upendo that episode! It's so romantic about Jules and Scott. And it was so cool in the fight semcene where Shawn jumps up from off the ground! Lol!