A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read
hujambo Psych-os!!!
Don't know if wewe have heard about this, but recently(2009)a book series came out based on the USA Network televisheni series. vitabu in the series include:

Psych-a mind is a terrible thing to read
Psych-mind over magic
Psych-call of the mild
Psych-mind altering murder
Psych-a fatal frame of mind

They are all written kwa American televisheni producer and writer(and author) William Rabkin.

It is not the same as watching the show, but it is entertaining to read since he is so spot on with Shawn and Gus's personality.

I have only read 'A mind is a terrible thing to read,' but so far it has been worth Amazons $8 price.

Highly recommended for all Psych fans!!!

(The one i am kusoma currently takes place before Shawn and Juliette get together)