well as some of wewe psych mashabiki know, the ending of the season when they bring in Ying.you saw that psych saved Abagail and Juliet.And then in the end when Abigail DUMPS Shawn because she doesn't like almost dying. well it's my opinion that that was VERY stupid! like Shawn just saved her from dying, she should be happy she has a boy friend that will protect her.He went through all this drama to be dumped at the end! WHAT THE HECK! I felt sooo sad for Shawn, he loved her and only got to see her for a while when she finally came back from that place and then he spend like 2 au 3 dakika under water trying to untie her so she can stay alive and then she dumps him. Abigail must have been on drugs au something!!!!!!! well thats my opinion! maoni to tell me yours!
thanks for reading.