PTA and Banished Pokemon Trainer Academy New Grand Opening Generation Plan!

Riku114 posted on Nov 14, 2013 at 05:25AM
Basically where we can chart down the info for the new Generation and the comeback of Pokemon Trainer Academy! The things listed her have been decided on though over discussion maybe changed

Co-Owner: Wanta

Co-Owner: Riku

Adviser: Cyrus

Goal! Figure out most of Part 1 Questions so we can start the rp!


Basic plot map:

Part 1: Setting, introduce characters, build on characters, enemy first appears

Part 2: Enemy takes over academy

Part 3: Training and uprising for Retaliation

Part 4: Protagonist and School beat the enemy


Questions needed to be answered at the moment for each part:

Part One:
What is the group?
This is a large, secretive, businesslike group of people who use their power to influence events around them to suit their own purposes.
Who is included in the group? Some from past? Some new? What are their ranks?
Alpha Shadow. And other new characters
Who is the head, the owner of the group?
This group is a business. There are bosses that have bosses that have bosses etc etc. All of this leads to a single person at the head who is the 'CEO' of the organization.
Why/What is this group looking for?
The group believes that the incredible powers that Pokemon possess are wasted on them and that those powers would be better suited belonging to the humans. So they began to experiment with the goal of successfully giving a human the powers of a Pokemon. That being said, they were only partially successful. They need something else to perfect the procedure. Something that is hidden at The Pokemon Trainer Academy. But like you'd suspect, the 'CEO' has other things in mind.
When in P1 should this group first appear?
Near the end of the rp
Is this school outdoor, indoor, mix, and are we or are we not using the old layout?
Basically the same but it is no longer on an island.
Teachers/Staff. What classes should be open?
Mythology/Lore Breeding Battle Medical PokeCare History Potion
Rules, Reinforced and edited
Regular. More will be though up as time goes
When is this occuring in the school year?
Towards the beginning.

Part Two:
How do they take over?

Check point events

WHY cant the teachers/staff do anythign about it?

When is this occuring in the school year?

Part Three:
How do they train?

What is the plan?

Who trains them?

How do they get around the previous reason why they couldnt do anything about it?

When is this during the year?

Checkpoint events

Part Four:
How is the plan executed?

Who participates?

Plans/Backup plans?

Check point events


Character Sheet:






Teacher or Student?:

Home Town & Region:

Poke-Party: (Include: Nickname, Species, Attacks, Natures, Gender, Level)

Other info:

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