PTA and Banished Pokemon Trainer Academy: Winds of Peril

Riku114 posted on Sep 13, 2014 at 06:10AM
In Part One we have gone through the life of the students at the academy, though while they are off enjoying the their academy life, another group has been brewign where they are.

Today, the Organization take the face to the story as a large organization of a wide variety of people and trainers. What will come out of this organization? What will they do? Who are they and what do they want? And most importantly, will they affect the way of life that our students live? We welcome you to Pokemon Trainer Academy: Wind of Peril where your questions will be answered.



1. No Godmodding, this includes over powering your pokemon and not letting them faint.
2. No one-liners
3. No timeskips without majority approval
4. Use grammar to keep it understandable
5. PG 13
6. Keep your pokemon in the level ranges listed below when you make your character
7. No legendaries off the bat if you are making a student. Only 3 legendaries per writer.
8. Be kind to the other rp-ers
9: The teachers are the bosses. If your students ignores the teacher, you will be rudely asked to either change it or leave.
10. Have fun! I've got a Furby and I'm not afraid to use it!
11. Your character CAN be expelled. If your character disobeys, regardless of position, they can be kicked out of the school.
13. Pokemon are characters and must be treated as such.
14: Only 1 character for each person can have a Mega Stone. This means you can choose one of your characters to gain the ability to Mega Evolve and that is IT! If explained in a way that doesn't make me angry, 1 villain might also get a Mega Evolution.
15. More rules are likely to be added as the rp goes on



The Organization: (Ill get this done tomorrow morning)

Big Boss:
........... (Wanta) ~ ...........

Noven Colliar (Riku) ~ Darkrai
Altamost Starlin (Riku) ~ Kyurem
Koren Tyvis (Riku) ~ Reshiram
Kitana Shio (Wanta) ~ Kyogre
Leandra Wendolyn (Wanta) ~ Cresselia
Hayate Zenbu (Wanta) ~ Zekrom
Titus Steel (Cyrus) ~ Registeel
Regi Hawthorne (Cyrus) ~ Regigigas
Amatus Charmant (Cyrus) ~ Terrakion

Cody Rhondis (Riku) ~ Metagross
Loreena Berinon (Wanta) ~ Hydreigon
Karese Iyeneck (Riku) ~ Aggron
Satsunji Nishiro (Cyrus)

Mikana Yusea (Riku) ~ Vivillion
Kozaru Shiake (Riku) ~ Greninja
Kayla Jaevier (Riku) ~ Mandibuzz
Ryia Dain (Wanta) ~ Gothitelle
Blair Etanaru (Wanta) ~ Houndoom
Nao Kaylein (Wanta) ~ Vileplume
Hazuna Maken (Riku) ~ Absol
Reizo Kinzoku (Wanta) ~ Glalie
Kanari Obutsu (Wanta) ~ Garbador
Antone Sephiran (Cyrus) ~ Dusknoir
Photonis Neuron (Cyrus) ~ Klinklang
Jeng Constantine (Cyrus) ~ Lucario

Adelaide Angmar (Wanta)
Daniel Taor (Wanta)
Xaniel Gyean (Riku)
Keil Waveren (Riku)
Nina Commonwealth (Wanta)
Usari Vendetta (Cyrus)
Leonardo Ishmael (Cyrus)
Desmond lockheart (Cyrus)
Issac smith (Cyrus)

Ivea Rhondis (Riku)
Edgar McKinnon (Wanta)
Cassius (Wanta)
Maria Rowntree (Wanta)

The Academy:


Arya Fuuma (Riku) 2nd (Student Council) (Book Club)
Takumi (Taku) Yoshima (Riku) 2nd (Student Council)
Gray Watsmen (Riku) 2nd (Card Club)
Amelia Terrowyn (Wanta) 1st (Book Club)
Ariana Catrain (Wanta) 3rd (Book Club)
Gavin Fendrel (Wanta) 4th (Student Council)
Dale Karzan (Riku) 3rd (Student Council)
Stain Trentis (Riku) 1st
Kyron Tetsune (Riku) (4th) (Student Disciplinary Council)
Rai Zuchi (Riku) (3rd) (Student Disciplinary Council)
Walter Gaunt (Wanta) (3rd) (Student Guard)
Peter Falk (2nd) (Wanta)
Itsuki Nightingle (Riku) (1st) (Disciplinary Council)
Allain William (Riku) (3rd) (Disciplinary Council)
Naze Stome (Riku) (1st) (Disciplinary Council)
Mokumoku Minashigo (Wanta) (Not enrolled.)
Shelly Denvorn (Wanta) (Student Guard)
Yasashi Nishiro (Cyrus) (Student Council)
Jaakuna Nishiro (Cyrus)
Johnny Octavius (Cyrus)
Silus Hawthorne (Cyrus) (Student Guard)
Anilion Shulfer (Cyrus) (Student Disciplinary Council)
Agatha Descoteaux
Saint Assassino (Cyrus) (Student Guard)
Jerome Smith (Cyrus) (Student Council)
Waldo Ulysses IIII
Jamie Faye (Cyrus) (Student Guard)


Anastasia (Ana) Crenis (Riku) Lore
Brom Tybalt (Wanta) Battle
Gale Yushin (Riku) Breeding
Merek Chaucer (Wanta) Pokemon Care
Kana Rainer (Riku) Principle
Kise Nova (Riku) Medicine
Diana (Wanta) History
Sutona Gai (Cyrus) Potions
Ezekiel Burnstein (Cyrus) Janitor


Group A:

Group B:

Group C:
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