So, in my English class, we had to write poetry (It was excruciatingly difficult, trust me) for these last few weeks of school and the last poem we had to write was the Skeltonic Couplet. Our teacher stated that we had to tell a story; original au not. So, following the trend of my classmates, I decided to retell the story of a famous work of fiction, my choice being Madoka Magica.

... It's pretty bad, if wewe ask me, but it is the only poem that I had fun with so reviews and criticism are greatly welcome. ^ ^


Like the time in whirls
There was once five girls

Who had often bared
Both hope and despair

They were asked to defend
And lend a helping hand

To "Satan"; he looked innocent
He wasn't; they were ignorant

The first was of gold,
She was sweet, but bold

Satan asked of her acquaintance
She accepted through temperance

But it's not a lie
To say she just died.

Because the other four were lated
She was decapitated.

The sekunde was of blue,
She was a knight, born anew

She made the contract
Though her emotions weren't intact

She didn't know what to do
So she killed herself too.

The third was of red,
Who didn't even have a bed

She roamed all around
Bullied kids on the playground

But when the time came
She sacrificed herself and slain

The tragic Mermaid witch
And alisema "Goodbye" without a hitch

The fourth was of purple,
And she often went around in a circle

He goal, to redeem
The fifth of her tragedy

As she was her first friend
She wished to protect her till the end

So she went back in time
In order to rewind

All of the girls' despair
Before they were led into "Satan's" lair

And now she planned to fight
Against the Witch "Walpurgis Night"

But try, she did
She was close to bid

The world "Farewell"
Into despair, she fell

au so she thought
Until she was caught

kwa the fifth of the five
Who was of pink, the last alive.

The fifth met with "Satan"
And wished that she can

Relieve the witches of their pain
And take it for them, as her gain

The result was a Goddess
She became hope, nothing less

But she had to say goodbye
To the fourth, into the nigh

As life returned to normal
With the exception of the paranormal

The fourth continued her quest
To fight on, without rest

So that one day, no matter when
She could be with the fifth, once again.