Nick Wolfe: *Narrating* Before time began, a group of beings known as "The Creators" went to war with a group called "The Incubators". They both created sentient life, but the Creators were overthrown but their creations...

*Mitakihara Town, C.E. 2011*

Madoka Kaname: *Walking to school with Sayaka Miki*

Sayaka Miki: So I heard that we might be getting a new student, what do wewe think Madoka?

Madoka Kaname: Hmm...I kind of hope it's a cute boy.

Sayaka Miki: *Nods*

Mami Tomoe: *Walks up to Madoka and Sayaka* Hello.

Sayaka Miki: Mami, did wewe hear about the new student?

Mami Tomoe: *Nods*

*Later, the Classroom*

Teacher: Well, I guess it's time to introduce our new student, Nick Wolfe.

Nick Wolfe: *About age 16, walks in* Hello...

Madoka Kaname: *Whispers to Sayaka Miki* He's so cute!

Sayaka Miki: I agree.

Nick Wolfe: *Takes a kiti, kiti cha inayofuata to Sayaka Miki and Madoka Kaname* Hello.

Madoka Kaname: It's nice to meet wewe Nick Wolfe. *Smiles* My name is Madoka Kaname.

Sayaka Miki: And I'm Sayaka Miki.

*After School, Mami Tomoe's apartment*

Mami Tomoe: So are we ready to battle Familars?

Madoka and Sayaka: Yes!

Mami Tomoe: *Transforms into her Magical Girl form*

Madoka Kaname: *Transformers into her Magical Girl form*

Sayaka Miki: *Transforms into her Magical Girl form*

*Witch Barrier*

Mami Tomoe: *Enters*

Sayaka Miki: *Enters*

Madoka Kaname: *Enters*

*Inside of the Witches Barrier*

Gertrud: *Sends her familiars to attack Madoka, Sayaka, and Mami*

Mami Tomoe: *Summons her rifles and fires at the Familiars*

Familiars:* Destroyed*

Gertrud: *Roars and fires exploding rose pedals at Sayaka Miki and Madoka Kaname*

Sayaka Miki: *Dodges*

Madoka Kaname: *Fires a pink arrow at Gertrud*

Gertrud: *Gets hit, and then wraps it's vine tentacles around Madoka*

Madoka Kaname: *Tries to break free* Help!

Sayaka Miki: *Charges at at Gertrud with her swords*

Gertrud: *Grabs Sayaka Miki with her vine tentacles*

Sayaka Miki: *Struggles* Hey! Let me go!

Gertrud: *Raises Madoka Kaname over her mouth like she is going to eat her*

Madoka Kaname: *Screams*

*Suddenly, Gertruds head falls off, causing her body to disappear*

Sayaka Miki: *Jumps and lands on her feet*

Madoka Kaname: *Jumps*

Nick Wolfe: *In Full-Wolf mode, which looks like an anthropomorphic Wolf, which has grey fur, a gauntlet which has an machungwa, chungwa battle-blade on his left arm, and a Blaster kanuni, cannon on his right arm*

Madoka Kaname: *Blushing a bit* Who are you?

Nick Wolfe: *Changes to his human form* It's me.

Madoka Kaname: *Blushes even more* You're the cute guy from school!

Nick Wolfe: *Blushes a little* Cute? I never thought that...*Lands*

Mami Tomoe: *Looks at Nick Wolfe* How did wewe do that?

Nick Wolfe: It's kind of a long story...

Sayaka Miki: Well we have time.