I don’t know how
I don’t know why
We all just met
And I just can’t seem to forget

It was only a mwezi ago
But , I can’t seem to let them go
With these amazing people
That I will always treasure

Everything’s quick
Everything’s fast
Right from the start
wewe all are in my heart

I wish for us to stay together
For how long , it doesn’t matter
As long as we understand and upendo each other
That’s all that matter

We’re bunch of different people
From all over the world

Makes our hearts as ONE .

THEY (BTS) may not know
But , I still wanted to show
How happy and lucky I am


A/N :

hujambo guys ~ I'm here again . Miss me ? LOL

Anyways , I wrote this randomly for my Marafiki on TWITTER . It's a group where we all stan a certain KPOP BOY BAND which is BTS . SInce , it's our MONTHSARY , I thought of uandishi one for them . But yeah ~ excuse my poem right here coz I know it's not that good though . hehe

Enjoy kusoma . Thank wewe ~ ♥

PS :

The center picha of the collage is my TWITTER DP . Isn't it cute ? hehe