WARNING: It is probable that the interview wewe are about to read is the most pathetic thing wewe will ever lay eyes on for numerous reasons. The main one being that I won, and those hos Shandeh and Kriztin claim to suck at interviews leaving me to interview myself. Another is that in this interview there are numerous (failed) attempts to be funny. So read with caution.

(This is where I would congratulate anyone else, but congratulating yourself makes wewe sound like a tool)

Why do wewe ship St. Berry?
Bitch, I wrote an entire link about this so I could clearly go on for a while about how much I upendo them. But to summarize it's mostly because of their insane chemistry, amazing duets, and how ridiculously perfect the characters are for each other.

"I still adore PR."
Are St. Berry your inayopendelewa Glee couple?
kwa far. Before the Back 9, I was a huge Puck/Rachel fan, but JR > PR any day. PR are still my number two, and I upendo a bunch of non-canon ships (Mike/Rachel, Quinn/Artie, etc.) but St.B is my GleeTP.

When did wewe start shipping Jesse/Rachel?
"Melchior/Wendla is easily my inayopendelewa non-TV couple"
Honestly, the sekunde I found out Groffles was going to be on Glee. Melchior/Wendla is easily my inayopendelewa non-TV couple, and LeaJon is probably the single most amazing friendship ever. So I was obsessed with them before I knew Jesse's name. I listened to the thirty sekunde 'Hello' preview like 100 times.

juu ten St. Berry scenes?
1. "You sing Don't Cry For Me Argentina isn't a dream. It's an inevitability."
2. Total Eclipse of the moyo
3. First Meeting/Hello
4. "I want to introduce wewe to Jesse, the guy who's nuts about you, the guy who would never hurt you."
"Bohemian Rhapsody eyesex"

5. Bohemian Rhapsody eyesex
6. "You broke my moyo first"
7. Rachel bedroom scene in 'Dream On'
8. maktaba scene in TPOM
9. Like A Virgin/'Or at least sing about'
10. The look at the end of AOBTD

If Jesse comes back inayofuata season, how do wewe want it to happen?
Well I definitely don't want him doing bad in college, like RM hinted at. My Jesse is amazing at everything. I want him to be on Winter/Spring break visiting his family. So Rachel would be at the ballet studio (it's their place), and Jesse would onyesha up looking all sexy. And she's be turned on (because who would be? He's Jesse motherfucking St. James). But she's tries to play it cool and is like "What are wewe doing here? I'm happy with Finn." (which she totally isn't because Finn's a douche). Jesse would see through her facade and then they would have sex right then and there.

Is there anything about St.B wewe wish wewe could change?
I wish we saw what happened that made Jesse change so much in between Dream On and Funk. Because that just sucked. :(

Who do wewe think loved the other more?
I honestly believe that Jesse loved Rachel zaidi than Rachel loved Jesse. She's the first person he's ever opened himself up to.

Where does St. Berry rank on wewe orodha of all time inayopendelewa couples?
Right now they're number 4 with a possibility of taking the number 3 spot (sorry NE). My orodha goes:
"1. Sawyer/Kate"
1. Sawyer/Kate
2. Brooke/Lucas
3. Emily/Naomi
4. Rachel/Jesse
5. Rory/Jess

Dream Rachel, Jesse, and St. Berry performances?
Rachel- It changes all the time, but since I recently rewatched Titanic I've been obsessed with the idea of her sing 'My moyo Will Go On' kwa Celine Dion.
Jesse- 'Your moyo Will Lead wewe Home' kwa Kenny Loggins because I'm kind of a nerd.
St. Berry- link from Sweeney Todd because the LeaJon version makes me cry.

If wewe could change anything about the St. Berry spot what would wewe change?
Well, I wish I knew everyone better. Everyone just seems so sweet. The only thing that bugs me is when people pakia LeaJon ikoni (which makes me sound like a hypocrite because I was the first person to do so) because there is a LeaJon spot. :P

Do wewe still hope for them?
Not as an endgame couple (endgame doesn't really mean much to me though :P), but a couple zaidi episodes of amazingness: Yes I do.

This au that:
Rachel au Jesse? - Rachel. I adore her. Jesse's my number two though (followed closely kwa Mike Chang. Everyone else is just okay).
"I upendo LeaJon zaidi because it's basically the best friendship ever"

St. Berry au LeaJon? - GAH. I upendo the both sfm, but I upendo LeaJon zaidi because it's basically the best friendship ever.
Lea au Jon? - There probably my two inayopendelewa watu mashuhuri ever, but I gotta go with Groffers on this one.
Puckleberry au Finchel? - PR definitely. I despise Finn/Finchel.
Quinn/Jesse au Kurt/Jesse - EWWW. EWWW. EWW. Both make me cry, but Kurt/Jesse is the lesser of the two evils. QJ would break Rachel's heart.
BR eyesex au AOBTD eyesex? - The BR eyesex kills me. Nothing really matters.
Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello upendo au Burning Up? - Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love

If wewe could steal scenes from other Glee couples and give them to St.B what scenes whould wewe steal?
Finchel: Probably the ILY. But mostly just because then I wouldn't have to stomach that ridiculous FR scene.
"I want a happy egging."
Quick: "We're Baking" scene because I want a happy egging.
Puckleberry: The serenade. Because seriously? How was there no Jesse serenading Rachel scene???
Wilma: The slow dance in Hell-O. How cute would that be?
Any Other Glee Couple: The Shelby/Will make out scene because we only had three kisses. And that would have been hot.

And the standard end of the interview question: Who should be the inayofuata St. Berry FOTM?
[Insert diplomatic response about everyone deserving it here], but really Shandi deserves zaidi than anyone. Aside from being my inayopendelewa bitch, she's the biggest St. Berry shabiki I know and she created the spot. She uploads amazing content and our banners are always the best. ;)

That was a pretty spectacular interview if I do say so myself. Hope wewe all enjoyed it as much as we (okay technically just me) did. Now head on over to the link and nominate someone for the June FOTM. :D