Congrats Shandi!!! ILY. How does it feel being the sekunde ever St.Berry FOTM?
Thanks, LY2! It's lovely and very sweet, thanks to everyone who voted for me, I upendo wewe all for loving St. Berry. :}

Go ahead and introduce yourself and say some shit about you.
Uhm... my name is Shandi, I'm pretty nice sometimes, I use emotes too much, and I upendo to make fanart/icons.

"in real life as best friends"
Why St. Berry?
Because Jon & Lea have had years to build up their chemistry, on Broadway, and in real life as best Marafiki and it's undeniable on the show. I don't understand how wewe couldn't ship them!

"I've never fallen so hard for a couple like I have with St. Berry"
Is St. Berry your inayopendelewa couple on TV?
Yes! I have watch a lot of tv shows, I normally enjoy them for certain characters and their happiness, while I do enjoy the romances I've never fallen so hard for a couple like I have with St. Berry. There are a lot of couples I ship, but don't mind if they end up with someone else. But to me, St. Berry is inevitable, and forever.

What made wewe made wewe upendo St. Berry? Was there a specific moment wewe started shipping them? What’s your inayopendelewa thing about our two divas?
1.So many things! First of all, it's pretty much impossible to not fall straight in upendo with Jesse the first time we see him on screen. I had that same dazed-in-love look Rachel had on her face when he compliments her in the muziki store.
They understand each other. Rachel has done so much for the Glee club and yet they all still hate her. Jesse never judged her, even with all of the stories he had heard about her, he didn't care. He understands her passion for performing, and wanting to be the best, because those are his dreams too.
2.When I first saw Jesse in the muziki store.
3.They can sing circles around every other character, and their hugs are too cute for words!

If St. Berry can’t have endgame how would wewe like the couples situation to play out?
Quinn/Matt... au Artie
"You imba Don't Cry for Me Argentina in front of a sold out crowd isn't a fantasy. It's an inevitability."

juu five St. Berry scenes?
1."You imba Don't Cry for Me Argentina in front of a sold out crowd isn't a fantasy. It's an inevitability."
2.Jesse switches schools to be with Rachel
3.Melancholia & Carebears in the Library
5.Jesse promises to never hurt her/First Kiss

Dream Jesse, Rachel, and Jesse&Rachel performances?
Jesse; Muse "Butterflies and Hurricanes"
Rachel; The Hush Sound "You Are My Home" [about Jesse]
Jesse&Rachel; Captain & Tennille "Love Will Keep us Together" [They can turn it into a duet]

"Safety Dance!!"
What’s your inayopendelewa Glee scene that doesn’t include Jesse au Rachel?
Safety Dance!! Kevin/Artie is amazing! :}

If wewe could change one thing about the St. Berry spot, would you?
Uhm... no? I don't think so, maybe the motto...? lol

Do wewe get frustrated kwa opposing shabiki bases?
Very much so!! Sometimes they can be really immature, which leads to me being very immature/bitchy. I'm so tired of people hating on things they have no reason to. Jesse is NOT gay!

If (coughwhencough) Jesse comes back inayofuata season, how do wewe want it to happen?
He comes back on his Spring Break to visit family/ aka see Rachel perform at Sectionals au w/e and they have eyesex and then Rachel realizes Jesse is the one. :}

"Dan & Serena's first time"
If wewe could steal scenes from other tv shows and give them to St. Berry what scenes would wewe steal?
Gossip Girl- Dan & Serena's first time
Skins- Panda&Cook twister sex
Lost- Kate cuts Sawyer's hair
Pretty Little Liars- Emily & Maya's photobooth kiss
Community- Vaughn serenades Annie with a song he wrote about her in front of everyone

Your favorite…
"So I left Vocal Adrenaline... for you."

Kiss- "I'm not ready" "Yes, wewe are." [1x20]
Hug- "I thought you'd never come back""And miss all your drama? Never." [1x20]
Quote- "Because when wewe upendo something, wewe have to go for it. wewe would never be with me if I were on the opposing team, and I care about wewe zaidi than winning another National title. So I left Vocal Adrenaline... for you." [1x15]
Eyesex- while imba Hello [1x14]
Song- Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Love
nyumbani moment- cheeseburger Loves Cupcake!! ... and rollerskating ;}

"Tough, but Melchior/Wendla!"
This au that:
Groffles au Jesse? Groff!!
Lea au Rachel? Rachel!
Mechlior/Wendla au St. Berry? Tough, but Melchior/Wendla!
Highway to Hell au Another One Bites the Dust? Another One Bites the Dust
Bad Rep au Dream On? Uhhhh… Dream On
FR au JQ? Erghdfkg, JQ at least then Jesse would still be on the show.

Who should be the inayofuata FOTM?
IDK!!! It's between Kris & Bety for me, they were both here from the very beginning helping fill this spot with love.

Any last words?
A shout out to my epic PLLBT bitches, Kris & Laura, I upendo wewe girls!
Thanks again. :}