All wewe need to know about Rachel!

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is the talented nyota of the Glee club who is bullied kwa the Cheerios and football players. Rachel is an overly ambitious sophomore, with dreams of making it to Broadway. She is Jewish, an only child and has two fathers, an interracial same-sex couple. Rachel has a crush on Finn, and the two share a kiss in the episode "Showmance", although he tells her to forget it happened and goes back to his girlfriend, Quinn. Rachel quits the Glee Club when Will gives a solo to Tina instead of her. She is awarded the lead role in the school musical, Cabaret, kwa Sue Sylvester and Sandy Ryerson, who are conspiring to bring the Glee club down. She rejoins the Glee Club in the inayofuata episode after she realizes she would rather be in a group where she has friends. In "Vitamin D", Rachel and Quinn begin to establish a friendship. In "Mash Up", Rachel and Puck have a brief relationship, which ends over Rachel's conflicting feelings for Finn and Puck's feelings for Quinn. She extends Puck an offer to be Marafiki but he turns her down.