The lovely Lea!
Just a magazine makala I found about
The A-z of Lea Michele:

A is for acting:
Lea began to perform on stage at the tender age of nine, despite the fact that she doesn’t come from a showbiz background. ‘ I upendo the theatre,’ she says. ‘It’s the air that I breath!’

B is for Broadway:
Its where she started and while she loves being on tv, Lea’s moyo belongs to the New York Stage. ‘I want to play every musical role there is!’ she declares. Ambitious much?!

C is for Cory Monteith:
Lea is rumoured to be cultivating a comance with Cory, the hottie who plays Finn, but in reality, she’s happily loved up with her bf Theo Stockman.

D is for Dorothy:
Tipped for release in 2011, Lea has been cast as the voice of Dorothy in the animated musical flick ‘Dorothy in oz’.

is for Elton John:
The musical maestro is a major shabiki of Ms Michele’s and invited the entire cast of Glee to his annual Oscar party to hang out!

F is for Fun-Size:
wewe might notice that Finn towers over Rachel on Glee and that’s cause Lea is super petite measuring up at only 5’1”!

G is for Glee: (Duh!)
‘My first audition was a disaster!’ says Lea. ‘They were laughing at the scene in my mind was serious, and I was like “That wasn’t supposed to be funny!” Little did I know I was becoming Rachel Berry before their eyes!’

H is for Heroes:
Lea counts Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion among her idols, but her all time inspiration is Barbara Streisand. ‘When I got to sing Don’t Rain on my Parade in Glee, it was like I achieved my dream.’

I is for Idina Menzel:
‘I’m such a shabiki of Idina Menzel and I’d upendo to follow in her footsteps,’ says Lea. ‘we’re so lucky to have her on the show.’ Broadway legend and actress Idina plays the rival Glee club Vocal Adrenaline’s hard-nosed coordinater.

J is for Jewish/Italian:
Lea’s totes multicultural- her dad is Spanish. Jewish while her mom is Italian/ American. She embraces all her cultures and says each one is reflected in her personality.

K is au Kissing scenes:
‘I don’t mind them too much’ Lea says. ‘My very first was with Gavin Creel in the play Spring Awakening. I was 14 at the time and he was like 20 but he was so gorgeous, I didn’t have a problem kissing him in front of a whole audience.’

L is for Les Miserables:
Her career was kick started kwa her role as Cosette in Les Mis and Lea sang on the musical’s famous song On my own on Glee as a nod to the onyesha that made her.

M is for Michele:
Actually is Lea’s middle name! Her full name is Lea Michele Sarfati but she dropped the surname on the advice of her agent as it’s a bit of a mouth full!

N is for New York:
Lea was born in the Bronx on August 29th, 1986 and is a New Yorker to the bones. ‘I live in LA for work but I’ll always be a Manhatten girl!’

O is for Oprah:
The cast of Glee recently performed on an episode of Oprah and Lea stated that it was an absolute dream come true for her and her mother, declaring ‘Oprah is a living legend!’

P is for Peta:
Lea is an animal lover and an activist for the animal charity saying, ’If wewe wouldn’t wear your dog, then don’t wear fur.’

Q is for Quinn Fabray:
She may be Rachel’s arch rival on Glee, but in real life, Dianna Agron is Lea’s BFF. The pair even live together in LA.

R is for Rachel Berry:
‘I was very much like Rachel in High School. Its so possible for kids to get caught up in what people think is cool, she knows what she wants and she’s sticking with that.’

S is for Spring Awakening:
Lea played the lead role in the famous musical from the age of 14 until it finally made it to Broadway when she was 20l.

T is for Tattoos:
She may be squeaky clean, but Lea has 10 tattoos, including two that represent Glee- a nyota and the word ‘Imagine’ on her foot.

U is for Underwear:
Lea wants wewe to know that undies are cool so much so that she’s pictured flashing her granny pants on the cover of Rolling Stone. Click link to see the pic!

V is for Vegan:
‘When I became a vegan, my mom adapted all her cooking so I could still eat her Italian food. She does a mean vegan lasagne. I need pasta!’

W is for West Side Story:
The ultimate role for Lea? ‘I need to play Maria in West Side Story. I used to watch that movie every single siku and it is the role of a lifetime.’

X is for X-rated:
Lea is a trooper, so when some steamy scenes cropped up in Spring Awakening, she went for it. ‘Its only uigizaji but I didn’t realise how raunchy it was until I went back to watch it afterwards, I was like “Mom cover your eyes!”’

Y is for Yorkshire Terrier:
Lea has 2 dogs- her yorkie Mia, and a mongrel called Sailor. Too cute!

Z is for Zac Posen:
Her fave designer, Lea has rocked his edgy, bright creations on several red carpets.