Attention all wewe Rachel lovers! We are holding a contest to see who can ubunifu the best ikoni and banner for this spot. Since we are in need of a new one, and most people want to see a change, we need to see the best!

For the icon, send in your work, au whatever wewe find, and add it on to this link.

For the new banner post your work in the Rachel McAdams shabiki Art section. We already have one submission made kwa the one and only, Oneshyguy46! Take a look!

Think wewe can do better than this?

The zaidi participants we get, the bigger this will become, and the zaidi likely this will happen! So, get your booty working and start with new ideas! We need this to be done with hard work and effort, but most of all fun and creativity! Everyone can submit zaidi than one piece of work, but we need people to begin with. If anyone is looking for a few zaidi props, this is how to get them.

I need a new banner, as well as a shirt!

On a very important note, everyone must understand that this is a competition, and with that, there will be voting on which banner/icon wins! Entries end March 5, and on that very day, voting will begin (March 5 - March 12). One week's worth of voting is enough, but remember - cheaters never prosper.

Don't participate, and I'll GET YOU. <3

If anyone has zaidi suggestions au questions, please ask! If wewe think dates au deadlines should be changed (eg longer/shorter voting period) please say something as well. Thank you! <3 Rachel says thanks too ;)

Make me happy - post new icons!