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Kat-chan posted on May 30, 2016 at 12:40AM
You're absolutely insane.

At least, that's what they told you when they took you. Really, you're perfectly sane...well, most of you. The real reason they took you? Because you can do things. Things that they can't understand. They want to know how you do it.

So they took you. They gave you to the Men in White. The Men in White run tests on you. They experiment on you. They hurt you. All because they don't understand you.

But it's fine. To them, at least. It's fine, because in their eyes, you're not even human. You're just another test subject. That is all you will ever be to them.

They won't let you leave. Can you get out?


ID Number: [3 digit number]
How long you've been here:


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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
"Well, Doll girl you make a point. Not only Anna seems to be too excited about the whole escape plan but she's a little suspicious too. Anna could turn out to be a spy and even if she isn't, there are chances that she could compromise the plan if she doesn't keep a cool head. Either way, I don't trust her entirely. As a matter-of-fact I don't trust anyone, not even you, Doll girl.
And also, I don't quite understand this fixation you have with giving people nicknames. I'm still not okay with the Mouse boy thing and..."
It was then then that he heard Anna's voice in his head. She gave him her little speech and then her voice faded away. A deep frown drew itself on his face. If one more person got into his mind without asking, he really was going to explode.
He turned to glare at Anna but she was gone.
"Well" He said "Seems like Anna's pretty pissed off. And me too by the way."
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
"I'm glad we're on the same page then Mouse boy. It is smart to not trust anyone completely but yourself - i speak from experience - so i take no offence, and i agree, the only one in here that i entirely trust is myself, and i can read minds. As for the nickname thing, hmm." Victorique placed a finger on her chin as she tried to formulate the correct way to respond.

"Simple answer is that i give nicknames to those i like, or i find are worthy of the nickname, or are amused or interested by at the very least. Long answer is that the MIW, especially my parents, enjoy hurting anyone i may be close with, so when i refer to them through nicknames they don't know who i'm talking about. The people i refer by they're powers are the one's i really could not care less about, and i always try to refer to the guards by their names because they are not worthy of a nickname, just worthy of slow death. Oh and, not to mention that when i myself was extremely young and naive, around the time of the first batch of freaks, i referred to those with nicknames as my 'elites' - they were...friends of mine. Extremely powerful in their own rights, and we always dreamed of just blasting down a wall and running. A foolish dream, but a child's dream none-the-less. Old habits die hard, i suppose."

Victorique recounts the story with slight embarrassment of her naivety, then continues softly, "The telepathic girl is upset? Oh well, as so long as she's not planning to sell any of us out, i find myself not caring - she needs a thicker skin if she wants to look into people's mind. Not everyone will be fond of her. As for you." Victorique glances at Mouse boy out of the corner of her eye, "Are you not always mad at something?" She allowed the slight quirk of the corner of her lips before reassuming a straight face, "But i will ask - why are you 'pissed off' this time Mouse boy?"
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Name: "Indy" Min

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pic below~ Light red hair and eyes that seem to glow

ID Number: [3 digit number] 013

Abilities: Glowing in the Dark and Wall-Walking

How long you've been here: 13 years

Bio: Indy has been here for...quite some time. It wasn't hard for the MIW to find him, with his glowing abilities. All that had to do was turn out the light. Then again, catching him was another thing. Raised at an orphanage until stolen away at age five, Indy fondly remembers having been given this nickname for being a fiercely independent kid-- independent of rules, that is. Indy lives in a dark cell, but often times gets locked up in a more confining cell for his pranks against the guards, rabble-rousing, escape attempts, and being a nuisance to the facility in general. Even if he can't get out, which is nonsense, he's going to live out his days happily and try to help the others do so as well. He's determined. He loves chatting with the other "residents," as he calls them, as much as he can during social time, or at least bugging the guards when he's too drained of energy.

Other: Indy relies heavily on sunlight for both energy and glowing
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 Name: "Indy" Min Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: Pic below~ Light red hair and eyes that s
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
((Hey guys~ ^^))

"Alright, glow worm," the guard muttered as Indy rushed over to the open door. "Time's up. You can come out for socialization."

Indy leapt into the guard's arms, cheering. "AAAAAAHAHAHA YES!! YOU CAME BACK FOR ME, I KNEW YOU WOULD. YOU ALWAYS DO~" The guard sneered and dropped Indy, whom quickly rolled to his feet, grinning.

"No funny business, 013. We have the authority to throw you in there for the whole of the summer, you know." Indy's glow flickered with fear, but his smile didn't falter.

" 'We'?" Indy peeked out of the door with glee. "How many of you are there?"

"Four," the guard mumbled, yanking Indy the rest of the way out. Indy wrapped his arm around the guard and observed the three others.

"Whoa!!" Indy said as the guard struggled. "Four of you? I've been promoted!"

"013, let go, or we will contain you again." Indy sighed and let his arm fall.

"No need to be shy, George. It's just little old me~." He had a habit naming the guards. It wasn't a hobby the guards much enjoyed. "So, what's up?" George and Harold, the one to his left, immediately grabbed his wrists.

"If by up, you mean leaping to the ceiling again, you'll regret---"

But Indy was laughing. "AHAHAHA, I remember that one! Classic. But no, I'm not joking. Too tired..."

Harold smirked. "Next time you'll think twice about trying to escape, won't you now? Can't risk not getting your little solar power, now can you?"

Indy frowned. "I wasn't ESCAPING...I just..wanted a midnight snack."

"Likely story."

Already Indy could feel his energy fading from all this walking. Being crammed into a cell for a month and a half without social time and without a proper source of light.... It took its toll. Indy's glow grew fainter with every step, and though he tried his best to appear full of energy, his feet were beginning to drag. So much that the guard behind him began to push him.

But as soon as the doors opened at the end of their walk, and natural light gleamed everywhere--though it was a rainy day-- Indy's grin grew. There were so many PEOPLE!! His social time was often scattered because of his mischief, not usually remotely as long as this time-- so he had few friends. But he was looking forward to talking to them.

"Get in," George said, shoving forward. Indy rushed back and hugged him.


A fiercesome kick floored Indy, and he rolled into the room. Sure it hurt. But annoying the guards? Worth it as usual. Grinning from this victory and the exhilaration of being outside and around others, Indy rubbed his head and staggered to his feet, blushing and nodding a bit from the attention his grand entrance had given him.

Indy quickly looked around for Naoi, or Snowflake as he called his frosty friend, not sure of how much time they all had left.

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
Naoi had been looking back and forth between Victorique and Gale, and Ari. She wanted to help too, of course. She wanted to help recruit more people to the cause. Problem was, she wasn't exactly close with many of the people here, and striking up a conversation with a near stranger about something like this would be awkward; not to mention dangerous.

She looked towards the door at the sound of a loud but familiar voice. And a welcomed one. Sure enough, there was Indy, making trouble and getting too much attention. So, the same as usual really.

She perked up at the sight of him. It had been quite a while since she had last seen him. She figured he had been taken to solitary for making mischief again, but he had been gone longer than usual this time. She had just been starting to worry something had happened to him. But here he was.

She didn't move immediately. She waited until the guards seemed to have relaxed a bit. She didn't need them suspicious of her for talking to him. Once their attention seemed to be elsewhere, she started weaving her way through the crowd, towards him.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy turned slowly about in his spot, frowning. Where was she? She had to be here. She wasn't testing, was she? Indy cringed. It'd been some time since he'd seen her, or anyone really. Of course, things could have changed drastically...

But as Indy turned completely around, the smile returned to his face. There she was, making her way through the crowd of residents!

"SNOWFLAKE~" Indy rushed towards Naoi and captured her in a big hug. She was cold to the touch, so much that he shuddered, but he was so happy to see a familiar face that wasn't George's and to be near his friend again. "Snowflake, hello!" he said over her shoulder, teeth chattering. "Boy, am I glad to see you... How's it going?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
Naoi couldn't help but laugh at Indy's antics. She eagerly hugged him back, though she was sure to back off a bit as soon as she managed to worm her way out of his grip. She knew that she was naturally colder than should have been humanly possible, and she could feel him shivering, hear his teeth chattering. She didn't want to accidentally turn him into an ice-cube.

"Things are...good." she replied with a grin. "Things are actually looking really, really good." She paused, shaking her head slightly. "I'll explain in a bit, but you have to talk first. What did you do this time?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy was glad to hear that things were truly okay. Good even. Really, really good apparently. But he did owe her an explanation.

"Nothing much~" Indy gave her a sheepish grin and placed a hand beside his mouth as he whispered, "I may or may not have snuck out of my cell after curfew." He chuckled at the idea as he straightened up, rubbing the back of his head. "I told them it was about a midnight snack thing... which, was what I told myself would be my reward if I succeeded, but... I wanted to see how far I could get before they discovered I was gone. With a blanket over me of course, I'm not THAT forgetful..." Indy shook his head bitterly at the memory of being captured. "I was even gonna go back to the cell once I hit the kitchens...But alas, caught red-handed! By none other than Chad. That guard, I swear..."

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
While waiting for Mouse boy to reply, Victorique's eye was caught when Frostbite - whom they were on the path to walking back over to - suddenly moved towards another person. When Frostbite was enveloped in a hug, Victorique raised an eyebrow silently and waited until the other person had let go in order to see who was that upbeat in such a place.

Her eyebrow lowered once more when she saw who it was - it made sense again, ' 'Indy' Min. 18, glows, another wall-walker, has been here for 13 years. Almost terminally cheerful - though i suppose with powers that rely on sunlight one tends to be more optimistic. I wonder what true sunlight feels like...' Victorique slightly shakes her head, stopping that train of thought as she suddenly turns in order to continue walking towards Frostbite, hoping that Mouse boy keeps up and replies to her query soon enough.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
Naoi's eyes widened slightly at the story. "You did what?" she hissed in disbelief. Not that she didn't believe him, of course. He was known to have tried some pretty crazy things, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine him doing something like this.

She shook her head, sighing, though the smile on her face grew ever so slightly. "One of these days you're going to go too far and get yourself killed, you know that? And when that time comes, don't expect me to visit your grave."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy pouted, though joy spread through him. It was good to be joking with someone again.

"Snowflake~" Indy said, trailing a finger down his cheek to mimic a tear. "You're so cruel. I might just die of a broken heart instead~" He chuckled and crossed his arms behind his head. "No worries, Snowflake. It's all fun, and I'll be careful. Mostly."

His eyes widened a bit with curiosity as he watched another girl approaching, with blank white eyes and long white hair.


Was it...?

Was it the Princess the guards were always talking about? She was one of the oldest residents there, but he didn't know much else about her. But he was certainly eager to meet her. Meet anybody really. The more friends, the merrier.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
Naoi was somewhat confused at Indy's change in expression; that is, until she turned to see what he was looking at. Oh. It seemed Victorique was joining them.

She cleared her throat, her face now becoming a bit more serious. "Oh, Indy, someone I'd like you to meet. This is Victorique Blanche. Victorique, this is my friend Indy Min." Almost as soon as the words left her mouth, it occurred to her that each likely knew who the other was already.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
"Thanks, Snowflake~" Indy grinned and stretched out a hand towards Victorique. "Nice to finally meet ya! I'm Indy. Wait, no, she just said that..."

Indy shook his head.

"Anyway, I'm glad to see you're making more friends~" Indy said, rubbing Naoi's hair. "Lil Snowflake is growing up so fast. Soon she's gonna be a snowball, ahaha~"

Indy looked back at Victorique, still grinning. "Speaking of which, got any nicknames you prefer?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique took in the enthusiastic personality in front of her, and she slowly looked down at the hand out stretched to her. She squinted at it ensuring that it held no hidden device, and then as she was sure he didn't have the power to set his hand aflame or do anything else to her if she made contact with him, her face softened in understanding and gingerly shaking the outstretched fingers - not the entire palm, but the fingers, less chance for anything to happen to her this way after all.

She lets go of his hand the looked at him and says softly, "You're really just as energetic as you seem from afar..." Victorique then looked between Frostbite and the glowing boy, hearing only thoughts of close companionship between them - one that actually seem to be pretty strong - and made the split decision, "...Sunshine. Also, the general populous call me Princess and i am fine with that. So far the only one who decides to go against this decision is Mouse boy." Victorique gives Mouse boy a weak glare from the side of her eyes, but it was easy to see she was more amused than anything.

She turns back to Sunshine and says, "But yes, Princess is perfectly acceptable and the recommended nickname, thank you. You and Frostbite are quite close yes? Uh, 'Snowflake' i suppose to you, but i find myself rather fond of the name Frostbite myself."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
"Sunshine?" Indy grinned at his new nickname-- his first since coming here. It was a small gesture, and maybe it wasn't even one, but it meant a lot to Indy. "I suppose it will have to do, Princess~" He grinned before turning to observe Naoi. "Frostbite, eh? That's very fitting actually! I may have to use that one~" Indy laughed and poked Naoi's cheek. "But I still gotta call her Snowflake, yeah, yeah?"

Indy laughed and left Naoi's face alone. "So how long have you guys known each other?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique lightly hummed and placed a finger on her cheek as if thoroughly trying to count how long she has known Frostbite, before saying quietly, "Hmmm, around an hour or so. Maybe a couple i don't have a way to tell the time on me at the moment, i apologise. All of my new...allies, i suppose, are very new. How about you and Frostbite, however? What is the story between you two, Sunshine?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
"An hour?" Suddenly Indy realized that social time was almost over. But then again, while it had been short, it was eventful and important. "An hour well-spent then!" Indy looked fondly at Naoi and leaned on her shoulder. "I think we met a little bit after you got here, right? It was social time, and she wasn't having the best time settling in. Because. This place is terrifying. And it's a downright nightmare when you're so little. I mean, still is now, but anyway... Poor little Snowflake had little snow drops falling from her eyes~" Indy narrated dramatically. "So I ran over to her and handed her something I got my hands on earlier that day-- a band-aid! It was a secret though, I told her. She said she had ice powers and I was so excited that I challenged her to make all sorts of little things. Snow rabbits, snow mice, snow teacups....Soon enough I asked her to make a snowball. We were laughing now, and to make her laugh more, I chucked the snowball at George... ah, one of the younger guards," he added on quickly, realizing that the random name might be confusing. "Ehehe, so our first meeting wasn't very long 'cause of that, but we stuck close after that day."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
"Oh that is, uh what is the word again? Adorable? Yes, i think that is right, that is a quite adorable backstory, i suppose. As i myself have grown up here, i tend to forget how new people would view this place in the beginning. But it is...good to have such a reliable ally - or, uh, friend? in the early days, before things get really messy between freaks and then between guards."

She levels Sunshine with her creepy, barely blinking stare and says, "It is strange though." She tilts her head and says, "I hear no thoughts of disgust or anger or hate or manipulation from you towards me. It is. Strange. Pleasant, but strange."

As she says this, Victorique hopes that bringing up his behaviour towards her will make Sunshine's real thoughts about her pop up, because she was really unsure of how he saw her, and while she can definitely be allied with someone who actively hates her or wants to kill her as so long as they're useful, she would rather know from the get-go.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy blinked and tilted his head a bit. "I don't understand...? Why would I feel that way? There's no reason to...?" He shook his head, stunned that Victorique would be used to those thoughts when others approached her. His heart sank at the thought.

"Princess," he said softly, "we're friends now, yes? Don't worry, I wouldn't think that of you, ever, You're one of us, and well, you're a bit of a legend too, you know? I love hearing about your stories." Indy grinned. "And if anyone like that gives you any trouble, just say the word~"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique furrows her brows slightly in confusion and says in her soft voice, "Others would disagree with you there, as there are actually a lot of reasons, such as who my parents are, and my sway over the guards - though the exact extent is very exaggerated by the rest of the freaks -, not to mention my entire power is to read private thoughts and i have absolutely no problem doing so."

Victorique's brows actually noticeably furrows this time, yet voice still soft and levelled, not showing the confusion, "Friends, you say? But, we barely no each other, and i do not understand - what are you hoping to get from this? Please tell me, i'm not being stand-offish, i am genuinely curious. Because i promise, just casual alliances give basically the same privileges than forcing yourself to commit to a friendship with me. In fact, i'd even go to say that a friendship may actually give you less privileges as you wouldn't be able to pretend not to associate with me if anything goes badly. Not to mention you would no longer feel obligated to, ah, 'stand up for me' if, what was your wording? Ah, 'if anyone gives me any trouble', was it?"

"Also - a legend, truly?" Victorique lightly twirls a strand of her hair in thought, brows still furrowed, voice still not matching the confusion that shows on her face, "Whatever for? This is truly very confusing for me."

Victorique's expression clears up and she straightens her head, lets go of her hair, and lightly hits her palm with her fist and says softly still with no emotion, "Oh. I think I understand now - i'm a legend because of how creepy i come off, right? Very fake, and - as Mouse boy tends to say - 'doll' like, correct? What are these stories - how long i've gone without speaking because of my wrecked vocal cords? Or how long i've gone without moving? How long i've gone without blinking? Not very interesting stuff, i would guess, but there isn't much entertainment around here after all...Outside of Mouse boy, that is." Instead of sounding affronted or offended, Victorique genuinely just seemed curious and 100% percent accepted this was how people viewed her, which she was totally fine with.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
The smile vanished entirely from Indy's face as he listened. "That's not what I meant at all!" he said with wide eyes as soon as Victorique finished. "No, no! I don't want anything from you except friendship if you'll have me! And I mean it when I say friend. Friends stick by each other, even if things go bad. I know I just met you, but just the fact that friendship is a risk as you say makes me want to be your friend even more. Because you need to realize that you're worth the risk. And I'm so sorry you've been treated so badly for just being you. But it's you I want to befriend!"

Indy looked away and blinked hard, Once his eyes cleared, he turned back after a deep breath and a new smile sprang to his lips. "I'll still stand up for you, no problem. It wouldn't be an obligation. I want to, and I will if you let me."

He stared at her curiously. "You don't know why you're a legend, do you...? Well, here, I'll say it: You've been here longer than most of us, suffered longer, and put up with all of this. And every day you get up, do it again. You learn, you know, you keep going.It may seem like something small, but you know what? That's huge. Not that you're indifferent, but you're faithfully biding your time. Rising up like a phoenix every time. And that?" Indy smiled as he whispered, "That's an inspiration, Princess."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Needless to say, Victorique was completely confused by Sunshine, especially as she could tell he was being totally genuine. Weirdly enough, even through the mindless optimism, he seemed to have a firmer understanding of this place than the telepathic girl, yet he still seemed positive. She blinked once and says softly, "You really are terminally optimistic. Be careful with that in a place like this. I will be truthful, i am not against the concept of friendship, it just confuses me, especially as my first and really only group of friends were from the first batch of freaks and they were, well, tortured to their breaking point, and then some. But if you would like to attempt friendship despite everything and knowing the risks, feel free." She says this completely calmly.

She looks at Sunshine, "Just met me, and already genuinely ready to take a bullet for me, regardless of the fact that i cannot ensure at this point in time that i would do the same?" Victorique shakes her head with a bit of fondness, "Only you Sunshine. Though this will come in handy with our plan - i am supposing Frostbite has already told you of this?"

She knew from their thoughts that Frostbite had no in fact had time to tell Sunshine anything, and thus Sunshine was in the dark of the situation, but made the logical decision that since the two were so close and longstanding friends, that it would most likely be best for Frostbite to bring it up.

"Really a legend for surviving? I would've likened myself more to the stubborn undead than a phoenix, but i do genuinely appreciate the sentiment. I had no idea that was noticed, so that is surprising. Ah, what i mean to say is, thank you, i suppose Sunshine, for your positive words?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy grimaced with empathy, eyes widened. "You lost...all of them?" He didn't even think as he rushed forward and pulled Victorique into a hug. "I'm so sorry, I can't imagine..." He squeezed harder and placed his chin on top of her pale hair. "But don't worry, I'll stick by your side until the end. You can count on that."

He tilted his head, glancing at his own longtime friend, Naoi. What plan did they have in mind...? He shook his head. Later. The guards were already starting to move around impatiently. Who knew how long they had before they would be ushered back inside?

He turned his attention back to Victorique, smiling sadly. "But yeah. Of course, Princess. I mean every word...."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique had opened her mouth to remark on how strange it seemed to her for him to be upset over something that did not even happen to him, when Sunshine had out of nowhere pulled her into a hug - without any warning. Victorique immediately tensed up.

"Pleaseletgopleaseletgopleaseletgopl­eas­ele­tgo­ple­ase­let­gop­lea­sel­etg­o.&­quo­t; Victorique started muttering, her voice while still very soft was louder than she usually allowed it to be and actually sounded...scared. She couldn't even understand exactly what Sunshine was saying, because her entire thoughts were screaming at her to exit this contact before she was hurt, but she knew she wasn't physically strong enough to rip herself free, and was too busy panicking and waiting for pain to hit her to think of other possibilities.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy didn't realize Victorique's frantic mumbling at first. As soon as he did though, he jolted and released her quickly. "AHI'MSOSORRY," he said quickly, waving his hands in front of him. "I wasn't thinking! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did I make you uncomfortable?" Indy's eyes were wide as he bowed his head in apology. Not even five minutes into friendship, and he was already messing something up. "I'm so sorry!"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique's mumbling continued though it became softer and softer when Sunshine let go. Her already blank eyes seemed to gloss over a bit and she lightly rocked back and forth on her heels for a bit, before coming to an abrupt stop. She blinks, and not trusting herself to look around less she look suspicious, she listens into the surrounding freaks' thoughts - it seemed like the majority did not see her little... shock, as they were still distracted by the dead guard, and the one's that did notice just put it off to Princess being Princess, nothing seemed odd to them, especially as none of them overheard her muttering.

Victorique was glad that even with piece of her sleeve torn off, the sleeves were still really long, so she could hide her slightly shaking hands in them. She then cleared her throat, blinked once to remove the gloss from her eyes, then says softly in her normal emotion-less voice, "I am not physically wounded - more than usual anyways. Please do not act as apologetic as you are, you will gain attention that is not necessary. I was merely...taken aback. Please restrain from doing things like suddenly enveloping me with a physical showing of your affection, if you can. I am simply not used to sudden physical displays such as that - however if you ever wanted to attack me out of nowhere feel free to attempt. Just do not be affectionate towards me out of nowhere. The action without the pain is...extremely disconcerting to say the least."

Victorique then took into account how physically clingy Sunshine seemed to be and sighs softly, adding, "However, when you do want to show that sort of affection, please forewarn me. If you give me a warning beforehand of your intentions - even to just think it instead of doing it out of nowhere as you just did -, or if i - for whatever possible reason - make the show of affection myself, it would be fine to do so."

Victorique would have never thought she'd get into a situation such as this one - the people around here weren't exactly the most touchy-feely type, so no one had ever tried to do what Sunshine had done. Still Victorique did not appreciate the overwhelming panic, and dare she even say it...a hint of fear, that flooded her veins when she was suddenly 'hugged'.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy listened attentively as Victorique spoke, guiltily biting at the inside of his cheek. Victorique deserved all the hugs she could get from the sound of things, but he now knew they weren't particularly welcomed. Still, he brightened a little with the special permission.

"Will do, Princess. Again, I'm really sorry about that... It wasn't considerate." He frowned as he glanced at her. Her emotions were not the easiest to read, but he knew something had changed about her state. "Are you okay? I mean, not just physically. And is there anything I can do the help?" Indy let a small, sheepish smile grace his face.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique tilts her head and says, "If you are so desperate to become indebted to me because of this, then consider you aiding in our plot to escape this place and bring MIW and my parent's to death as due payment."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita peterpansbff said…
Indy blinked. "Ah! Is that the thing you were talking about?" He looked back and forth between his friends, chuckling a little. "Wow, only an hour into comradeship and you guys are plotting a revolution. I wonder what would have become of this place if you two had met just a tad earlier."

He shook his head and shrugged. "So, The Great Escape, eh? Sure thing. Whaddya want me to--?"


Indy flinched. "To sing?" he finished quickly, hoping the guard Chad hadn't heard the rest. Chad made things hard as it is. "Granted, I only know nursery rhymes~"

"013," Chad repeated. "Socialization is nearly over. You will be escorted early so that you don't make another...ruckus."

Indy remembered the one time he'd gotten a bunch of residents to charge at the door and smiled. Then again, that was two years ago. But that didn't matter, he didn't go.

"Sorry, guys," Indy said. "Guess I gotta cut it short again today. Seems I have an appointment~" He gave Victorique a quick wave and nod. "Nice meeting ya, Princess. And seeing you again, Snowflake." He gave Naoi's shoulder a light punch.

But Chad had run out of patience. Indy barely had time to wave once more as he was tugged away by his wrist. It was too bright to see Indy's glow flickering as much as his heart pounded. Indy kept his friendships close to heart as he was shoved back into the gloomy halls of the facility.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
Naoi gave a small wave to Indy as he was 'escorted' away, She couldn't help but worry, though. He always managed to get himself into trouble, and she always felt like every time she saw him would be the last time.

Once he was inside and she could no longer see him, she turned her attention back to Victorique. "Sorry about the hug thing. That's just how he is. It took me a while to get used to it too." She tugged nervously at her gloves. "But you are okay, right?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
Victorique hummed and closed her eyes, lightly shaking her head from side to side. She opened her eyes and looked directly at Frostbite, "You're concern is admirable and noted - which is to say, thank you for your concern. I will be fine soon enough, however. Sunshine really is a tad unpredictable. That could be useful."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BlackSparrow said…
((Alrighty, so I talked to Fang and she has some stuff going on, so I'm just going to summarize our character's conversations. I think she wants to stay though so maybe we can try to help keep her characters at least mentioned?? Or I'm sure she'll talk to you Kat-chan))

Ari's talk with Sam and Ashta went fairly well. They didn't bring up the plan, but she knew they would be on board with them. They were taken away again soon after though and she couldn't help but to sigh a little. She knew their testing was rough. Everyone's was.
After talking with them she moved back over to Victorique and Naoi. Just witnessing Indy's interaction with Naoi and smiling a little to herself. Though it was too bad when they took him away again.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
((She hasn't spoken to me yet, but of course I understand that things happen. We can try to keep her characters relevant until she's able to get on herself.))

Naoi nodded briefly at Victorique, glad to hear she was okay; but also glad she thought Indy would be useful. She wasn't sure she'd have been able to leave this place without him.

She glanced to Ari as she approached them. "So, what did they say?" she asked once the other girl was close enough that she didn't have to shout. Their time would be up very soon, they needed to wrap things up.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Isabellagirl033 said…
It wasnt long before the bell rang for the social time to end. Anna had cooled off from her arguement with Gale and Victorique and it was time for her daily shots. The same warty female guard came to take her to the test room. Anna glanced around around the plain white test room while the doctor made her hold out her hand for shots. She winced as the needle went through her skin and then the doctor made her swallow some foul pills. During this time, Anna was feeling extremely reckless and decided to swipe a piece of paper that was lying nearby as soon as the doctor turned around. As soon as Anna got back to her cell, she was more than surprised to discover that it was the map of the whole MIW building. "Well, this is something to show to Gale and Victorique." she thought to herself.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
"She got into my mind. I've had enough of that for today." He said irritated "My mind is mine and mine alone. Its beginning to bug me to have people slipping their ways into it without asking."

He had replying when Doll girl had asked.

It was then that Indy made his entrance. Gale raised a brow. He knew the dude. The only one in there who was as loud as he was. Gale had never bothered speaking to him though. As a matter-of-fact, Gale had never bothered speaking to anyone.

Gale watched him as he walked in and began talking to a girl he had noticed before but had never interacted with.

Then Doll girl had joined them and they had began chatting. Gale had sighed and walked back to his spot. He sat down and watched them. After the days events he didn't feel any need to meet new people.

From where he was, Gale could hear what they were saying and needless to say he was completely shocked by Indy's attitude. Just listening to him, made Gale want to puke. He couldn't believe someone could have such naive ideals in such a place. He saw life to be way brighter than it actually was. He thought any kind of person could just become a 'friend'. He was totally wrong.

Then out of a sudden and without any warning, he hugged Doll girl. Gale's eyes widened. Well, that was expected. And what surprised him more was her reaction. Gale actually smiled and held back laughter when he saw her panicking.
So the Doll made of glass could actually feel embarassed.

A few minutes later, the bell rang and Gale knew social time was over. He sighed. It had actually been one of the most interesting social times he had ever had but then he knew hell was waiting for him back in his cell.

6 armed guards walked to him. That was twice the number that was usually sent for him. Gale had expected that. He had just killed a guard. It was normal for them to take every necessary measure to stop him from doing it again.

A guard crouched and checked that his wrists were still cuffed and then pulled him up "Tch gimme a break." Gale muttered as he followed them out of the hall. As he walked, he threw one last glance at Doll girl.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Isabellagirl033 said…
The only way Anna could keep track of time was by the rusty time-piece in her cell. It had been several years since she saw daylight or the night-sky for that matter.
Anna pondered over the map's contents all through the night. It wasnt very specific but still useful enough for a escape plan. Before sleeping she hid it quite well under the mattress of the creaky bed in her cell. After a fair bit of tossing and turning Anna managed to fall into a troubled sleep with twisred nightmarish dreams.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
As the bell rang, Victorique sighs softly as she notices a guard coming for her. "Well Frostbite, Goldilocks, this was a very amusing and enlightening social hour, was it not? We shall have to somehow convene at a later date to continue this conversation, so try your best not to die if you would? It'd really be an inconvenience."

Victorique notices as six guards approach Mouse boy, though she doubts they would kill him after she claimed him as entertainment, so she just looked on as he was escorted none too gently out.

'Well, according to his thoughts he noticed my...shock from Sunshine's hug, so is it not fair if i don't notice him being ruffed up a bit as so long as no real or permanent damage is done? Fair is fair, as people say.' Victorique thinks to herself, slightly embarrassed that her reaction to the hug was noted by three of her allies, and even worse that Mouse boy was one of them. So seeing six guards remove one Mouse boy felt almost like justifiable karma to her. But still as her own guard approached her and informed her it was time to leave, Victorique met Mouse boy's glance as he left and quickly scanned his thoughts to ensure he wasn't actually being damaged, then slightly nods at him, before nodding at her other allies and exiting the room with her guard behind her.

It seemed that she was scheduled for another round of experimentation. Joy. At least the devices downstairs were still locked away, which meant she would most likely survive. Most likely.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita killer24 said…
He wasn't sure if he had any more tests to do today, it was both a form of torture and his only excitement, other than that he was alone with his thoughts, memories and imagination. The more he thought the more he wanted to know the truth, but he knew that it probably wasn't something that would change anything, even if his friend was dead or alive knowing would only allow him to start getting a little rebellious, but not by much anyway, and it'd only shorten how much time he had left before they either didn't have a use for him anymore, or he ended up to be too much hassle.

"I don't know what's worse, being tortured by those bastards or being left alone with my own thoughts. Talk about depressing." No doubt they were listening to whatever he said, but it wasn't like calling them name would anger them anymore than him just existing. What would they do anyway, any physical pain would be redundant because of the experiments, and if they do kill him they'd only get a telling off after all from what he gathered a person with his curse could be the key to unlimited power, electrically that is.
He shuddered at a minor thought, what would happen if they found enough 'Electro-mancers' at least that's what they called people like him. He feared that if they had enough it would be something very, terrifyingly similar to the whole hamster power in old comic books and shows..... Using them until one after the other died either from being drained, exhaustion, or poor care..... There were human lab rats and then there are human batteries to be used up and thrown away like a common double A.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BlackSparrow said…
Ari shrugge. "I think they're open to the idea." She says. "I'm going to try to approach them later and figure out more, but neither of them much care for life here, and they're sick of the testing. I think they'll be on our side." She says.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita fangfan7 said…
Sam and Ashta looked to eachother after Ari left. "What was that about?" Ashta asks. Sam shrugged.

"Keep an open mind kiddo, I'm sure we're going to find out soon." He assures her.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
((Timeskip everyone?))
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
((Ahhhh, I'm so sorry I haven't been on recently! I was out of the country; just got back yesterday. But I'm ready to rp again. Yes, timeskip. Who wants to start.))
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
((aaaah we really need to continue this, i really liked this rp ;A;))
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
((fuck it ima going for the timeskip, but like just a day later, is that fine? if not tell me))

The next day finds Victorique in her room, sitting on the pristine white carpet of her room surrounded by a few of her plush toys - blending in with them so well that if you didn't know where she was you would have to take a second closer look. She's staring blankly at her padded walls, ignoring the cameras as usual and seemingly doing nothing, when in reality her mind is racing still trying to process all that went on the day before, focusing on replaying everything that had happened rather than the pain she's in because of the experiments she went through a little earlier.

'Well, that all was...unexpected. However not unwanted, as allies, in theory, are a good thing. But this means that a plan needs to be made up between us, and finalised indefinitely. We all have need to compare or strengths and possible weaknesses, and work it into whichever plan we come up with.'

She hums to herself softly, and reaches up to twirl a strand of her hair, and stops with a visible wince as she gets a surprising shock of pain. Her eyes flicker from the wall quickly down to her newly bandaged arm - it was covered in lacerations from earlier in the morning -, and the she purposefully ignores the pain in order to continue twirling a strand of hair, her fingers glancing over the new rather sore stitches she has on her head, stretching from her right temple down her cheek all the way to near the bottom of her jaw.

She lightly traces a finger down the stitches. 'At least it'll heal properly without much scarring. The dear parents would never allow scarring on their Princess.'

She blinks slowly, then lazily has her eyes wander over to the clock - looking forward to the break, for once.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mcterra said…
"Listen to me."
The words reverberated through his mind.
"Listen to me, please."
The words continued. The voice that said them was strained, like the person speaking was in pain.
"Listen to me, I beg you."
The voice continued, sounding like it was on the verge of tears.
"Why can't you listen?"
"Why don't you ever listen?"
These were said bitterly, spat out with a lot of venom in the voice.
"If you listened none of this would have happened."
He couldn't make any sense out of what he was hearing.
"Listen to me, damn you."
This time there was anger in the voice, alongside the pain and tears.
"Listen...what do I have to do to make you listen to me???"
This last part came out with frantic breathing. He realized that the voice was familiar.
"I will do anything...I swear...please, just listen to me."
The voice was desperate and he kept having the feeling that he knew it. The voice was very familiar...too familiar.
"Why are you refusing to listen?"
The tears had began rolling and the person had began sobbing.
"This is not fair....for God's sake, listen."
He knew the voice.
"This one time, just this once,...listen to me."
He recognized the voice.
"Listen to me and do as I say."
He knew who had the voice.
"I want you to please listen to my request."
He couldn't believe what he was hearing.
"Please...kill me."
It was his own voice.

Gale's eyes shot open and he sat up with a start. He was sweating profusely and he was breathing heavily. That same nightmare again. He had been having the same nightmare for the past months. And he wasn't getting used to it. He woke up with his heart beating furiously in his chest each time.
It wasn't just a nightmare, it was a replay of past memories. His most horrible memories.
He fell back on the bed and passed a hand through his sweaty silver hair. He looked up at the clock.
It would be break time soon.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Kat-chan said…
Naoi lay on the floor of her cell, flat on her back as if floating in water. Her dull eyes were staring blankly at the ceiling, though she wasn't really seeing anything. She'd had to suffer through experiments that morning, and they'd left her badly disoriented and drowsy.

Not that she had much time right now to get her act together. There were only a few minutes left until 'social hour'. Ordinarily, she'd be rejoicing at the opportunity to get out of this cell, if only for a bit, but god, she hated being around people when she felt like this.

She let the minutes tick away in silence, not moving, not speaking. And finally, the time was up, and there were guards pulling her to her feet, and she was being half-dragged out of her cell, stumbling through the maze of white halls.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Beckie545 said…
As the clock signified that it was again social time, Victorique lazily moved her gaze down to the door, so that when the guards predictably barged in, she was unnervingly staring directly at them.This caused the two guards to falter as they stepped into the room, while Victorique didn't blink. She kept her gaze on them and they were visibly too scared to move. She laughed in her mind, before physically blinking very slowly. A noticeable shudder ran up both guards backs, and they gulped before stepping forward, seemingly let out of their trance by her blink.

"Fuck i hate when she does that, the lil freak." One guard says as he goes towards Victorique aiming to pull her up. However, when his arms went to grab at her, Victorique simply raised an eyebrow, so smoothly that the guard didn't even realise she had moved at all. He froze in place with his hands in the air.

The other, female guard quickly pulled his arms away from Victorique and says, "My sincere apologises Princess, i have no idea why he forgot he's not allowed to touch you. Please forgive him."

Victorique simply lowers her brow, and turns her gaze. The female guard clenches her teeth, and breathed harshly from her nose, before turning to her male counterpart and saying, "I betcha the freak doesn't even understand a damn thing. The whole story yesterday we heard of her talking must have been a goddamn lie or fluke or something. Anyways, we should be used to her gaze, she does it each and every fucking day. Never gets any less creepy though."

The male guard shakes himself out of his terrified stupor to slightly shove the female counterpart, before hissing at her, "She may be a freak but she can still hear you! Do you want to be the guard that the Blanches get rid of personally, for screwing around with their precious daughter? Be my guest, but keep me out of it, I am going to schmooze as much as i can with this fucking doll freak until i am at the top."

Then louder, the male guard says, "I'm sorry for almost touching you Princess, i just thought you'd be excited to go out again today!" However, Victorique gave no reply, still laughing inside her head at how the dumb guards believed if they lowered her voice she couldn't hear them. She's a mind reader for christ's sake. "......Okay," Getting no reply the man continues, "Anyway, it is time to go. Unless you would like to stay in here with all of the fabulous toys your parents have gotten for you? You know no one else gets these privileges, you should feel lucky and take advantage of it!"

The man said with a fake smile, hoping that he would be the one to do what others have failed to do - to get the Princess to actually stay inside and use the shit her parents got for her, so that they feel better about themselves. He could almost imagine the promotion, before Victorique carefully got up, seemingly ready to leave. The man gritted his teeth and cursed under his breath, before the female guard piped up, "You should at least bring something with you, Princess. We are all aware that you hate to be bored, right? Might as well bring something to pass the time."

The female guard crossed her fingers as Victorique stopped walking to the door, and tilted her head, obviously thinking things over. The woman couldn't help but let out a victorious smile as Victorique turned around to pick something up. The female guard turned her smirk to the male guard, who was giving her the finger - she wouldn't get much of a promotion, but she would be somehow rewarded by the Blanche's at the very least for convincing their pigheaded spoiled freak of a daughter, and hey, she'd take what she could.

Victorique padded over to a corner of her carpeted room, and slowly - as fast movement at this time made her head swirl and her stitches hurt, and she couldn't afford to show any pain -, carefully picked up her large container of markers and a big empty sketchbook - almost too big for such a small girl to hold, but she managed. Not like she'd get any help, outside of the guards being desperate to get on her good side for a promotion, and she didn't want them lingering at all when she got to the free cell.

Carefully ensuring she had a good hold of the book and her markers, she slowly waddles over to the door - somehow still maintaining an air of grace, and walked out the door, ignoring slight swirls in her vision, one guard ahead of her, one guard behind.