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The great war, 200 years ago.

the Unbidden, a race of multidimensional hunters invaded our world, nothing we had could stop them, our weapons too weak, our ships too small, our warriors too afraid, the unbidden destroyed city after city, and we had lost over 62% of the global population.

after 4 years of being prey to the unbidden, six heroes came, from the unknown we were rescued, these heroes fought the unbidden by themselves, as we couldn't do anything to help them. it took 12 years, but the unbidden were beaten back to their own dimension, the six heroes vanished, small rumors and stories of them heard from many cities.

some believed the heroes now help people who need them most, in the back alleys of streets, in the forgotten slums.

and to make it all worse: the government now seeks them out.
placing bounties on their heads, all with 7 digits, all worth 8,000,000 Bruka.

Bounty hunters, pirates, criminals of all sorts are seeking them out, and so are the secret parts of the government.

teams of two are sent out, looking for the heroes.

why are they being sought out? rumors of the unbidden returning, after 200 years of peace, we now need the heroes again. will they answer our call? or will we hunt them down.


After the War, scattered around the world there are zones called 'Dimensional pockets', these zones, reaching from 10km to thousands of kilometers across, are filled to the brim with Unbidden war relics, technology beyond our comprehension, but with this riches, comes it's monsters. creatures, contorted and twisted by Dimensional energy roam the area, protecting their 'hoard' from any who may try to claim it.

there are 3 cities left, all extremely large, finding the heroes may be difficult.

the 6 heroes will NOT be easy to fight, hence why the government sent teams of 2, the Government is stronger and more prepared than bounty hunters or pirates, so you'll need even more people if you're not the government.

You can be 1 or 2 of the six heroes, all of them have some relationship to each other.

There are humans, affected by the dimensional quake caused by the Unbidden's arrival, these humans have been mutated, or granted special abilities. it is believed that some of the Six Heroes have these powers aswell.

[===][Character Sheet][===]

[Faction] (Six Heroes, Pirate, BH, Government, ect.)


[Age] (If you're one of the six, you'd be over 220 at minimum, less than 300)


[Power/Mutation] (A power is self explanatory, and a Mutation is something like being a human jellyfish or turning into a rhino, ect.)



[====][Character Sheet][====]

[I] Savia Calbret - Firebird
[II] Ex-Machino 9 - COLA
[III] Doctor Quark Mara (Quarky or Q) - Banette
[IV] Colour (Lour) - Banette
[V] A-03 (Aoe Mara) - Banette
[VI] Shlike (BTD) - COLA


Doctor Diana O'Pheil Carters - Self employed - COLA
Missy Rose - Self employed - COLA

Admiral Adma Mara - Retired Admiral - Banette
Lum Mara - Self Employed - Banette
Terr Mara - Self Employed - Banette
Scill Mara - Self Employed - Banette

Gad - NeCO.GAD - Banette
Noel - NeCO.No3 - Banette
 The great war, 200 years ago. the Unbidden, a race of multidimensional hunters invaded our world,
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